Discover the 5 marketing secrets your business can't do without

Are you fed up of yo-yo-ing from the next best thing you should be doing to another next best thing you should be doing, and still waiting for the results to come in?

A System to Approach Clients

Are you getting to the edge of being able to cope with your current ways of attracting clients?

If more people were asking for your service, more people liked what you offer, more people were talking about you, would it be the business of your dreams?

Perhaps you are quite new in your business and really want to know more about marketing and business development as now is the time to start getting results.

Are you starting to wobble about the track you are taking and wondering if it will actually take you to the point where you are having conversations leading to sales with your ideal clients?

I help women entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm and confusion around setting up online foundations that will help them attract clients and build a successful business.

I wanted to formulate ideas and address practicalities for my new business. Through working with Gill I gained a clearer focus for my business concept and identified of the size of business I should focus on to gain clients. I was able to put some thought into a pricing strategy and had a plan for tactics to promote and market my business.


Jayne Russell
The Russell Effect