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How much use do you make of your website?

The website is fairly core in your marketing but in reality it is only as visible as you make it and how much you put into it depends on how much of your energy you want to be consumed with getting stuff digital and how much of your energy you would like to put into…

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How inspired are you?

Websites, social media, telephone contacting, creating new services. Doing all this I know sometimes seems like spinning plates and maybe you think that August is a time to drop a few.   It could be time for a reassessment Taking a breather and reassessing what’s working for you is not such a bad idea. After…

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Move On From Procrastination

Have you come to a standstill on your marketing?   Have you ever felt that tomorrow is the day you will do your marketing? Today you decide – is a day for going through everything you’ve learned, sorting and tidying your work, or even worse doing the washing.   That could be a good idea…….…

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Does Going Online Feel Like Eating Dried Insects?

Who saw the family from Port Sunlight being asked to eat dried insects on TV the other night? It was part of an education into helping one member of the family get over an anxiety about eating which was connected to a fear of trying something new.  By doing this other exercise the other members…

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Which is the best social media for attracting the clients you want?

When you’re running a business as a solo entrepreneur time is one of your most valuable assets.  Choosing places where you’re going to shine and connect with the sort of people who you’d like to be your clients is a smart move. In the last week, I’ve heard so many people worried that they don’t…

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Why getting emotional connection works for your business

Why getting the right connections is not the only thing you need for success in your business You also need emotional connection Creative artist and Videographer Petra had recently changed from working for an organisation to becoming self-employed.  She explained ‘I now want clients of my own so I need to make connections.’    I…

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How to create a blog to reach more clients

Emily, a nutrition and fitness coach wanted material for social media posts.  Would blogging be of help? She wanted posts linking back to her website to collect email addresses for her mailing list Emily had attained her  nutrition and fitness training qualifications in 2015 and had been achieving notable results for her clients since then.…

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Too Much Inspiration Can Stop Blogs Getting Written

Too many ideas

Your head’s buzzing and you’re ready to write You sit down and start penning the blog you’ve been meaning to write for the last couple of weeks. Just as you start writing, another blog idea flashes into your mind. Wow, this is inspiration you think, I have so many ideas.   The sudden flowing of several ideas…

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Make time to think

Taking time to think   Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Really taking the time to think is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires discipline and getting into the right state. I have been lucky enough to be part of the Catherine Watkin Mentoring group for the last two years and in this programme, we were…

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Is writing a blog a waste of time?

To blog or not to blog

  I had a conversation with a client recently around the question of whether she should start a blog. She’d wanted to blog for business  for some time but it turned out there were a lot of thoughts buzzing around in her head preventing her from starting.  She was stuck wanting to create a blog…

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