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When you started your own business, I’m sure that it was because there was a skill or gift you wanted to share.  You probably did not think that you would need to do marketing.

That’s normal, but without a little marketing there may be a gap between the service you have to give and the outcomes you want, e.g. hours booked, prices charged etc.

Start here to find out ways you can solve this.

I specifically liked demystifying Mailchimp and because of this I am now building my first Sales Funnel.

Clair Pyle
Clair Pyle The Personal Life Coach

I created a lead magnet through working with Gill, she inspired me to be brave enough to create a lead magnet.

Jacqui Maguire
Jacqui Maguire Yoga Life

Diploma: CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

Member: British Psychological Society (BPS)

Member  Liverpool Business Forum