Get Ready for Paying Clients

21 Day Spiral

Programme Content

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Module 1: Your Strengths and Unique Advantage

Welcome and introduction

1. What work would you like to do?

2. How do you want to work?

3.1 What personal qualities do you want to use?

4. Who do you want to work with?

5. What's your gift in relation to your work?

6. Define Your Niche

7. Rest Day

Resources Section 1

Section 2: Create Your Autograph Programme

  1. Transformation and mode (16:15)

2. Programme Levels and Outline  (8:20)

3. Pricing and Getting Paid (13:41)

4. Outline The Autograph System (10:07)

5. Create an Essential Communications File (4:06)


Section 3: Finding Paying Clients

1.Plan to Research and Test Concept

2.Prepare your Mind for Making Contact

3.Create a Marketing Information Sheet and List

4.Start to Talk About What You Do

5.Four Ways to Invite Discovery Conversations

6.Review, Celebrate, What's Next