ABC to a Programme that Pays

It's Your Business

Are you burning to get a programme started?  One that people appreciate. One that you are really motivated to do? With people you like, who want to pay you? What’s stopping you?

Perhaps you need accountability, or someone to exchange your thoughts with or just motivation to keep going.

Here you will find informative content to help you move forward. No more stopping because you are short of knowledge. A system to keep you on track so you keep your motivation and keep doing what you need to do. With this programme it’s about you are acting. You will have individual discussion on what you are doing so you can sound out ideas of be REALLY REALLY accountable.

    • Get paid for organising the activities you love to do
    • Find like-minded people who are on the journey
    • Create a business that works around your programme

    Programme Content

    Look through the  content below.

    Make yourself more accountable -

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    Month 1: Planning and Building Foundations

    Tribe Characteristics

    Payment methods and models

    Group membership features and benefits

    Communication methods

    Launch date - decide soft or full

    Launch activities

    Opening offers outine

    Communications message

    Communications foundations

    Research calls

    Discovery calls

    Report and review

    Start discussions venues, resources

    Resources Section 1

    Month 2: Launch Activities Start

    Conversations with potential members.

    Invitations to join

    Project plan in pplace

    Essential Communications Foundations in Place

    Message Decisions Made

    Create Content

    Continue building communications Foundations

    Weekly reviews and reflections

    Acknowledge Obstacles

    Overcome Obstacles

    Evidence that this willwork

    Changes and Tweaks

    Month 3: Recruitment of Founder Members

    Definite date for recruitment of Founder Members

    Minimum number of founder members recruited

    Events and meetings booked/happening

    Daily/weekly communications happening

    Weekly review happening

    Working on next recruitment round

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