How to get brand consistency online


If you are in the services business, perhaps you provide consultancy services to property businesses, help people speak in public or private tutoring, you may think that branding is for larger businesses or those with products to sell like Costa Coffee or IPad.  You may also think that there is enough to do running your business, providing a good service to clients and meeting up with referrers, so why would you bother with branding.

Who cares whether or not you have a brand.  Isn’t that something that Nike, Jigsaw and Costa Coffee build?  Aren’t brands logos for retail places, adverts and clothing labels?

Increase your value

There are some strong business reasons to use some of the elements of branding to increase your value.

Using some  brand elements can help separate you out from  people offering similar services.

Clients who want to re-purchase from you will find it much easier to recognise you quickly .

You can link some of your values to branding elements.  This will draw people who like your values to you.

So if all this sounds complicated don’t worry here’s some easy tricks to start to build some consistency, especially if you are a single person business.


  • Professional photo the quickest way to get consistent branding is to have either a professional photo of you which is replicated across your media platforms.
  • Colours Another fast way to get consistency is to repeat a colour on each platform e.g. blue, orange, and pink. You can have fun developing this aspect of your branding.
  • Messaging You will have a strong point illustrates your values.  Your social media and websites are ideal places to make sure that it can be communicated.


Over time as the business builds your brand will start to evolve but this could be the perfect time to start building up some of the elements which can be used.  Oprah created such a strong brand out of her personal image that it’s now even been made into a waxwork!


Over to you.

Who do you think has made a really good job of branding themselves.  Why?

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