Reflecting on the year

How has the year been for you?

One thing I’ve learned is that reflecting can seem like an  activity with no immediate results and yet, by doing this we can get some real insights into things.  It’s part of that – taking a long view – of what is happening, part of learning from what has happened and thinking about whether I’d do things differently next time.


This year I have worked with some amazing clients and have really enjoyed facilitating their growth and development. Christine Edun creates and market fabulous themed events,
                                                          Christine Edun of The Gangster-Squad – creating events

A client  I’ve worked with in the Financial Sector has attracted  considerably higher fees than last year.  I have worked with a client to  really firm up of their ‘business development process’ so they are really clear on what they are doing to attract clients.  I really like doing this type of work  The nature of working one to one is always that there will be a limited number of places.


One of the highlights was creating and running a group online course ‘Launchpad Online’ in June/July.

The aim of Launchpad was to introduce streamlining the foundations of Online Marketing:  Website, blog, social media, email marketing. This was an achievement as it was something that I’d planned for some time.  Was I ready? – I think that sometimes we need the thing to be ‘happening’ to put on the final spurt to get it ready. Participants told me that they got clarity on their own business by being part of Launchpad.  I had one or two people who told me that they recognised that it’s better to do the things you are good at and do them well as this they found was more effective than aiming to everything that is suggested to them.


Jacqui Maguire – Online Course


I really did want to get my book edited but even though I had set aside time for doing this, something more urgent always came up – so that is something to be carried over to next year.

I very much enjoyed hosting Green Pages and look forward to more meetings in 2018.


Next year

There will be:

  • Facebook Challenge – Get yourself motivated to market – begins on January 4th
  • Online courses for:  Motivation to do your marketing
  • one-to-one work with clients seeking:

Growth and marketing motivation  without overwhelm.

Setting a Business Development Process

Updating and refreshing your Online Media.

‘Plan and Make your Business Goals Real’

  • VIP Strategy sessions in Liverpool and London


To find out more – email me:


Over to You

What were your highlights?


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