5 reasons your marketing may seem like a drudge and how to enjoy it again

Whether it’s lack of results or your marketing is just taking up too much time, find some answers here

You open your website and get a sinking feeling.  It’s 3 months since you last wrote a blog and social media updating is a chore which you really don’t have time for.

Of course, you know that without updating your marketing it will be difficult to attract the clients you want, but – you went into business to help clients and working with them is really so much more important than keeping up with your marketing.

Besides – in your most optimistic you are probably thinking – if I can get the right sort of clients I won’t even need to market because they’ll all tell their friends and they’ll come knocking on my door.

But here, now, today – it’s becoming a reality that you need to get back to your marketing.  Perhaps you’ve had a busy time with clients booked in on schedule because the last lot of marketing worked really well for you.  Your website is there, the frameworks are there, it just needs a few tweaks – and yet – the thought of doing it is just not palatable.

Read on for possible reasons and solutions

1.    Didn’t produce results last time

This can be disheartening. Do an analysis of any results that came in.  what was good about your last piece of marketing?  What didn’t work so well?


Get to know your ideal client better.  Create communications they value.

Include calls to action with your communications so that you can track results.

Use images – they attract a lot of attention.

2.    Took up too much time last time 

Memories of project creep and tasks taking too long can leave you unwilling to try again.  This may have been because you were on a steep learning curve, you were continually iterrupted or it just took too long.

a)    You were on a steep learning curve

Learning takes brain power and energy.


With more practice, you are likely to become more efficient and complete tasks in a shorter time.  Keep going.

b)   You were continually interrupted

There’s nothing like interruptions to stop the workflow.


  • Put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.
  • Plan a chunk of time in the diary to complete marketing tasks.
  •  Delegate the parts that took too long – e.g. to a VA, copywriter, Fiverr, Up work etc.

c)    It just took so long!!

There is an unwritten rule that many things which you haven’t done before will take three times the amount of time allocated to them.  Allocate time now based on your last approach and see if you can become more efficient.  Set a target for reducing the time gradually.


  • Be kinder to yourself.  It will get quicker.  For now, use the rule of multiply by three times the amount of time you think it will take.


3.    You don’t have deep enough knowledge of what you are supposed to be doing

If you are a ‘bigger picture’ person it’s really difficult to do all these things that you are told to do without seeing where they fit into the whole.  E.g. you may have been told:  Write blog posts, do social media.  ‘It’s all part of your sales funnel’   You want to really understand how all this work is going to lead to results.


Read up some information on ‘the marketing funnel’ so you can see the reason for all the marketing tasks you are doing.


4.    You have a general feeling of despondency and boredom of marketing

You may be caught in a spiral of:  not enough clients, marketing not working, don’t like marketing, fewer clients.

This is probably caused by either: Mindset, Motivation or seeking inspiration.

a)    Mindset

–If you don’t believe that what you are doing is going to produce the results you want it can be really tough to work well. find information or a coach that can help you feel positive about the goals you want to achieve.

Solution: find information or a coach that can help you feel positive about the goals you want to achieve.

Find information or a coach that can help you feel positive about the goals you want to achieve.

b)   Motivation

–Good motivation will stem from firstly self belief and then being ablt to set realistic goals and rewards. re-assess your goals, visualise the future and you achieving the goals.  Map out for yourself how doing your marketing is part of the path leading to your goal.


  • Re-assess your goals, visualise the future and you achieving the goals.  Map out for yourself how doing your marketing is part of the path leading to your goal.

c)    Seeking Inspiration

It can feel like living on a lonely island when you don’t have inspiration.


Take a look at someone who IS getting results from their marketing.  There are many successful mentors out there who offer their services teaching others how to win more customers using an attraction strategy that has worked for them, Find one that works in a way that you’d like to work and enrol with them.


5.    Marketing is just not fun

If you still feel that there’s no fun in marketing it can be to do with the type of activities you are using.  They may be great for someone else but just not your cup of tea.  We don’t all have to do the same thing.You may be using a type of marketing that just doesn’t appeal to your passions, interests or innate strengths.  Well switch, there are so many methods of marketing that you can use one that appeals to you.

Solution Switch to something that appeals to your skill set, passions, and inner strengths.  Choose from:

  • Speaking – record videos for posts [Vlogging]  speak to groups
  • Writing – write blog posts
  • Networking and referral building – interview other people in your posts
  • Like instant results – experiment with some Facebook ads
  • Creating – spend some time creating beautiful infographics that your audience will love.
  • Researching – use some time to research other people’s posts and resources and curate them into motivating and inspiring material, giving credit to the authors.
  • Being social – practice listening and responding on social media or in networking groups.
  • Planning – use your skills to plan campaigns – i.e. offer, media, message, market.


Over to you.

What do you find makes you enjoy marketing the most?

What makes your eyes glaze over?

Pop your comments in the box below.


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