5 things you should never do in a social media group.

Do you have groups you have never used?

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the right thing in social media groups?
Have you joined a Facebook group or LinkedIn group and just let it lie there in the ether not contributing to it or allowing it to contribute to your business Perhaps you wonder exactly what you should be posting and whether the whole world will be watching if you make a blooper.

 What exactly is your role?

Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups are really good ways of interacting with others, of finding out what’s going on and what people you are interested in talk about and what’s important to them, but you may wonder exactly what your role is.

You are not alone in this, after all, social media is still relatively new and the way we use it is still evolving. Social media as we know it today has really only been with us for around 10 years with Facebook starting in  2004 and Linked-in starting in  2003 *so it’s not surprising that some of these activities may present more questions than answers.

Participating in groups can be an asset to your business but if you make some blunders they may not be so productive


General opinions on etiquette

I’ve done a little research to find out what the general opinions are on etiquette and the results show that there are some things you definitely should not do


  • Don’t sell before you know the group. How annoying is it if you are having a conversation with someone and a third person invites themselves into your group and immediately starts to sell his/her product. Well it’s the same online.  People hate it when people they don’t know start to sell them products and services they don’t even want.
  • Don’t ignore posts that you are tagged in. Respond to them. The person posting will feel much better if you can respond to their tags.
  • Don’t post the same copy in every group. Your copy should be tailored to the particular group, it’s not a national poster chain taking a printed poster which is posted in several locations.
  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags. People will wonder what they are for.
  •  Don’t post offensive messages.

 Things you can do

Enough of the negative – there’s plenty of things you CAN do such as: asking questions, responding to other people’s questions, posting on topics which fit with the group’s purpose, posting within the boundaries set by the organiser.

There are hundreds of groups you can join and many you will be invited to join.  What’s stopping you.


What are the things about groups which really annoy you?


What are your best tips for participating in groups?

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