A quick solution to getting your new service into the market

You need a plan to get your new service seen


Do you  just feel that if only you could get your marketing under control then your new clients would flow in?


Lisa, a senior accountant was keen to  attract clients for a new service.  She was the leading player in creating the new service and now she was responsible for bringing in sufficient paying clients to make it a viable service.


Having a plan is one thing but being able to create a plan that will be done is  the way to get results Gillian Hunt Tweet this.

This was how it felt for Lisa.  She had extensive knowledge of the new service as she’d created it.  There were others in the organisation who also had knowledge as they would be using it with clients. The problem was that they didn’t seem to be doing very much about promoting it.  As it was a new service there were no strict financial goals YET, the main intention was to get enough potential clients interested and buying up the service.

More help from inside the organisation

The issue for Lisa was that she appeared to be the only person who was talking about it outside the organisation.  She wanted and needed more people to know about this new service and take up the offer.  How could she persuade others in the company to help her promote it?

She was also wondering if she was missing a trick by not making enough use of social media – after-all that media was FREE, and everyone was saying she should use social media.

She wanted to get some more Buy In to the service before submitting a request for a marketing budget that would include an event.

She already had some documents in her information system.  These  had been formatted to look attractive with company branding,  so there was a basis for building marketing communications.

Getting answers to this sort of situation requires some thought and consideration.

  A strategy meeting will analyse the exact situation and create some options

Here are the benefits of setting up a strategy meeting before taking action:


  • Getting agreement on exactly who will work on the project
  • Making decisions about exactly how many new clients the project is aiming to delivery.
  • Choosing the most appropriate marketing strategies to make the information available to attract the clients you want.
  • Making decisions on:  one main strategy and two sub strategies so that you are organised without overwhelm.  By making a decision you are less likely to be swayed in too many directions at once.


The main marketing strategy choices are:

  • Listening – building one to one relationships with people/organisations of interest

speaking networking, guest speakers

  • Writing – blogs, articles, social media posts
  • Referrals – asking others to speak on your behalf
  • Advertising – repeated messages in other people’s media



Once you have decided on the intentions and the strategies then it’s a case of deciding which steps you will do yourself and which you will outsource or delegate.  This is the basis of setting up an workable plan that is will be actioned to get results.


It’s easy to jump in and say, I need social media, or I need advertising without thinking about the best solution for your situation.  When you take the time to decide on the best route or strategy to get the outcome you want you are much more likely to get the results you want.


Over to You

Are you planning to get a new service into the market.

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