Be more productive posting on Facebook

Do you sometimes have days when you get up and you just don’t have the energy or capacity to get everything done? The task of posting on  Facebook for your business is in danger of dropping to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.  You can get ahead by scheduling and getting more productive with posting.

Get productive with scheduling Facebook Posts


Make the most of you time and energy.  I’m sure you recognise that starting a task takes mental energy. You can batch produce to get more efficient. If you can do a few things once, it makes the most of your energy.  A good place to start is with  social media.




Now that I’ve explained the principle, i.e. why go to the shop every day when you can do your shop weekly,  I’m sure you’ll agree, that being able to get content out on a regular basis is a way of sharing your valuable information. This builds your credibility.

You can make it a joy rather than a ‘groan’ to post regularly.

Post on Facebook using a schedule

Should you still put time and energy into posting onto Facebook?

Am I right in assuming that you like spending time catching up with friends? Finding something amusing in your feed?  You will have allocated some part of your week to keeping up with your business associates and interest groups.


I know, Facebook has decided that it doesn’t want our news feeds  clogged up with daily unwanted ‘commercial’ pushes.  Let’s be honest, switching on a channel full of adverts is not fun reading.  Where does this leave you as an entrepreneur trying to use Facebook where the newsfeed favours posts  from friends and family.


I think of it in this way:  The Facebook Page is a window to the world of your business and you will get visitors for these reasons:

  • You invited them
  • They followed a link from your website
  • One of their friends has liked your post, it showed on their timeline and they’re curious.

It’s still a huge platform and plenty of people are still connecting;  what’s more, they arrive on your website through Facebook.  There are some great tools in Facebook for keeping in touch with clients, and getting noticed by people who could one day become your clients.


Many smart business owners do schedule their posts in advance

– you can too

Why would you want to do that?

You may prefer to write ‘in the moment’ This is my preference too.  However, there will be times when: you’re full up with client meetings, on a training course, have personal things to do and know that you won’t have the time to do your Facebook posts.  The rewards are that you will feel more organised and can plan for time interuptions.



A quick overview of scheduling posts

  • Create headings and topics for your posts. You know the sort of things your idea client is interested in.
  • If you can double up and make any of the topics for the page also relevant for your Facebook group – this is another time-saver.
  • Consider having a theme for each day. e.g. Monday – intentions, Tuesday- knowledge and questions, Wednesday – working on the plan, Thursday – offers and promotions, Friday – Celebrate.  Remember, I’m talking about saving mental energy and having themes reduces the thought process to what can you say that’s new and different on your planned theme.
  • Here’s another twist on the theme idea, have a theme for each week. It’s up to you and how you work best.   You may thrive on having some structure or may be the type of person who likes the thrill of freestyle every day.
  • Here’s another tip on planning out your content. Look at the insights and see which posts get the most attention.  Look for your own winning formula you can repeat with a new twist.  What was it about the post that commanded so much attention? – was it because you shared it with someone of influence? the copy was so good? Popular subject?
  • Planned content should have a balance between curated content (comments on posts written by other people_ and your own offers.

Why it’s important to post regularly.

Stay with me, I can hear you groaning – why do you have to publish posts regularly.  When I say regularly I mean that you set up a regular schedule that suits you. So, if you want to post every day that is your schedule, if you want to post every week that is your schedule.  The reason for regularity is so that

  • If someone looks on your page they will see that you are still active
  • Putting out posts regularly gives more people the opportunity to interact with them
  • If you are operating on an 80/20 ration i.e. 20% of your posts contain an invitation, then the more frequently you post the more frequently you can issue invitation.


Here’s how to schedule directly with Facebook

When you have finished instead of clicking publish, look carefully to the right of the publish button and you will see a small drop-down arrow.  Click on this and select the time that you would like the post to be scheduled for.

You will find that this works equally well, whether you are scheduling for your own Facebook profile or for a group.

You can use Buffer to schedule to your personal profile

and your business page.

You may be thinking that it’s difficult to schedule posts to your personal profile.  Not when you have Buffer App You can schedule posts to a variety of social media including:  Your private Facebook profile, your Facebook Business Page, Facebook groups that you own.


A note about Facebook Groups

I don’t know of an app to post into groups that you don’t own.  Responding in Facebook Groups is a very personal activity.  You can only respond yourself because it is YOU talking/writing in the group.  You can’t schedule this as the response is to what someone has already said.  Also, you can’t schedule promotions in the groups as usually these are only at the invitation of the group admin.   If you want to know more about behaviour in Facebook group join First Steps to Facebook Groups

Are you ready to have a go at scheduling and getting yourself organised? By doing this you can plan, have time to respond and be inspirational when you feel like it, and even take the occasional day off.

How do you feel about planning your posts?  Write in the comment box below.


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