How To Create Content ABC

An easy way to keep clients engaged Finding topics to talk about for your blog and social media is an important part of attracting clients. This is crucial for making keeping your clients interested and attracting new ones. Have you ever felt muddled and confused on doing this aspect of your marketing?   What on earth…

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How to create a blog to reach more clients

Emily, a nutrition and fitness coach wanted material for social media posts.  Would blogging be of help? She wanted posts linking back to her website to collect email addresses for her mailing list Emily had attained her  nutrition and fitness training qualifications in 2015 and had been achieving notable results for her clients since then.…

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Too Much Inspiration Can Stop Blogs Getting Written

Too many ideas

Your head’s buzzing and you’re ready to write You sit down and start penning the blog you’ve been meaning to write for the last couple of weeks. Just as you start writing, another blog idea flashes into your mind. Wow, this is inspiration you think, I have so many ideas.   The sudden flowing of several ideas…

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Is writing a blog a waste of time?

To blog or not to blog

  I had a conversation with a client recently around the question of whether she should start a blog. She’d wanted to blog for business  for some time but it turned out there were a lot of thoughts buzzing around in her head preventing her from starting.  She was stuck wanting to create a blog…

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The Problem With Writing a New Online Marketing Blog

problem with writing a blog post

 Answers to your new Online Marketing Blog questions You have probably been told you  need an online marketing blog and a website because it will help market you and your business effectively. Do you have thoughts like I did when  I first came across blogging? How will I do it? I’m not a writer? Who’s going to…

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Why writing for business is sometimes difficult

  Writing a few words for a blog, preparing a talk or setting up a phone conversation can at times seem a huge task.  If you are working for yourself or running a small business, you will know that creating communications is one of the essentials of being visible.   It matters that you have information…

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How to get brand consistency online


If you are in the services business, perhaps you provide consultancy services to property businesses, help people speak in public or private tutoring, you may think that branding is for larger businesses or those with products to sell like Costa Coffee or IPad.  You may also think that there is enough to do running your…

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