Too Much Inspiration Can Stop Blogs Getting Written

Too many ideas

Your head’s buzzing and you’re ready to write You sit down and start penning the blog you’ve been meaning to write for the last couple of weeks. Just as you start writing, another blog idea flashes into your mind. Wow, this is inspiration you think, I have so many ideas.   The sudden flowing of several ideas…

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Make time to think

Taking time to think   Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Really taking the time to think is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires discipline and getting into the right state. I have been lucky enough to be part of the Catherine Watkin Mentoring group for the last two years and in this programme, we were…

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Is writing a blog a waste of time?

To blog or not to blog

  I had a conversation with a client recently around the question of whether she should start a blog. She’d wanted to blog for business  for some time but it turned out there were a lot of thoughts buzzing around in her head preventing her from starting.  She was stuck wanting to create a blog…

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Finding ways to work with your dream client

Dream Client -starting the work   You have a dream client in mind and imagine yourself working with them.  Perhaps it’s a large brand like Virgin, or an organisation like the World Health Organisation, it may be an ideal client avatar such as a recently qualified teacher etc. Where would you start?  Is it possible?…

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Why you need to check your sign-up box

When you have a website, one of the things that will help you to increase your number of customers/clients is to have some form of sign up on the home- page.  The sign up may be for a Free Trial, a Newsletter or for a Download of a report you’ve written.   When it’s for…

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Write to win hearts

Write your blogs like you are reaching out to the cat who wants the cupcake What I’m going to say  may seem obvious, but it’s something I’ve found makes the craft of writing much easier. When you are planning a series of blogs because you want to say something about your business, you want to…

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How to Organise Your Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

You join Facebook groups because they’re important to you. Move your favourites to the top. How many of you have joined a Facebook group and then not done anything with it?   I’m one of those people, I join groups because:  they are part of a lifestyle change I’m making, they are part of learning I’m…

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How to get started writing your business blog and reasons to have one

When you are working in a business because you love doing what you do, time spent with clients may seem more important than writing the blog.   You have possibly thought about having a blog but not really taken the subject seriously yet.  Perhaps you are regularly creating posts on social media and wondering, what is…

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Check your progress on Twitter

Next time you go onto twitter here’s a quick way to check the progress you are making. Use Twitter Analytics Click on the small photo of you in the top menu bar until you see the words ‘view my profile’ then click on the photo again until a new menu drops down offering ‘analytics’.  Click…

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5 Reasons to Market Your Business on Twitter

When you are working for yourself it may take a few stages to have all your online platforms set up.  If you are a woman in business you may be very familiar with Facebook as that’s where you chat to your friends.  If you want to find a way of connecting with lots of other…

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