Do you want copy with your website?

Challenge Solution

I remember an occasion a few years ago when I commissioned a website and the designer asked me ‘Do you want copy with your website?’ ‘What is copy, and do I need it?’ I thought. Copy is the way to attract visitors to your website When you start working on your website, I’m guessing that…

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You want a FAB website

You can have website that speaks to your clients You’ve been talking about having a website for a while. Not sure if it’s for you. Could you manage with social media? Could you manage with business cards? Chances are you are networking for your business and talking to people in your circles about what you…

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How much use do you make of your website?

The website is fairly core in your marketing but in reality it is only as visible as you make it and how much you put into it depends on how much of your energy you want to be consumed with getting stuff digital and how much of your energy you would like to put into…

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