Time to find the joy in your marketing

It’s time to get rid of the overwhelm around marketing If you’re feeling that marketing is a relentless cycle of ‘showing up’ ‘making noise’ ‘being seen’, building up techniques and doing, it’s no wonder that as an entrepreneur you feel dread at the thought of marketing.   Where does the endless droning lead to? I get it.…

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Discovery Calls are Deeper Conversations

Talking is good for business

Connecting with clients   Hey there, are you working for yourself because you want to offer your fantastic services to ideal clients and help them make the transformation that you promise? I bet you already have business cards, go to networking events and have some way of talking about what you do.  Yes. What’s next? …

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Facebook Reviews – The basics

You need Facebook Reviews for  your business?  How do you get Facebook Reviews?  Reviewing is an art that is fun and that most people can join in.  It’s also a really good business tool and I’m going to discuss here how you can boost your Facebook Page by asking for more reviews. People trust what…

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Be more productive posting on Facebook

Do you sometimes have days when you get up and you just don’t have the energy or capacity to get everything done? The task of posting on  Facebook for your business is in danger of dropping to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.  You can get ahead by scheduling and getting more productive with…

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I set out on my car journey and chose the Holly Worton podcast that was most appealed to me.  It was the Tina Conroy Interview on using daily routines to get from chaos into flow. I wasn’t expecting to hear the word visioning in this podcast, yet it came up out of the blue and…

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Why I will be ready for GDPR

Getting Ready for GDPR

In the grand scale of things, the data commissioner is not really interested in me specifically so why do I feel compelled to make the changes required to comply with GDPR? Check the processes I’ve had to really take a hard look at the processes I use in my solo business to make sure that…

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Get clear on your message

Use key words as part of your message so clients hear you When you are clear on what your message it’ll be so much easier for others to understand what you are offering so that they want to pay you for it   If you are already delivering a service to satisfied clients, it would…

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A quick solution to getting your new service into the market

You need a plan to get your new service seen   Do you  just feel that if only you could get your marketing under control then your new clients would flow in?   Lisa, a senior accountant was keen to  attract clients for a new service.  She was the leading player in creating the new…

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What to do when a company asks you for a proposal

When you have had a meeting with a company to discuss possible work and the meeting ends with the words ‘Can you send me a proposal’ this can leave you in a dilemma as to exactly what they mean? Organisations have systems and procedures Proposing services to a company is more complex than working with…

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Do you want copy with your website?

Challenge Solution

I remember an occasion a few years ago when I commissioned a website and the designer asked me ‘Do you want copy with your website?’ ‘What is copy, and do I need it?’ I thought. Copy is the way to attract visitors to your website When you start working on your website, I’m guessing that…

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