Why writing for business is sometimes difficult

  Writing a few words for a blog, preparing a talk or setting up a phone conversation can at times seem a huge task.  If you are working for yourself or running a small business, you will know that creating communications is one of the essentials of being visible.   It matters that you have information…

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How to get brand consistency online


If you are in the services business, perhaps you provide consultancy services to property businesses, help people speak in public or private tutoring, you may think that branding is for larger businesses or those with products to sell like Costa Coffee or IPad.  You may also think that there is enough to do running your…

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How to use an editorial calendar?

You are in business and need to start using social media as you are keen to build our list or want to stay connected with current people in your groups and networking circles. You really did mean to post every day this week, it’s just that there were 101 other things to do, and even…

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5 things you should never do in a social media group.

Do you have groups you have never used? Have you ever wondered if you are doing the right thing in social media groups? Have you joined a Facebook group or LinkedIn group and just let it lie there in the ether not contributing to it or allowing it to contribute to your business Perhaps you wonder…

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How to capture emails

START BUILDING A LIST You are running your own business or have become self-employed in the last few years and the time has come to reach out further than your own circle to generate more enquiries, but where do you start.  Setting up a free download or mailer is a good way to move into…

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Start opening up your opportunities

Would you like to learn how you can start to reach more clients on line in just 30 minutes to one hour a day?  If this is you then I’m Gillian Hunt and this is what I can help you with. If you want more information sign up on the right. Are you worried about…

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