Check your progress on Twitter

Next time you go onto twitter here’s a quick way to check the progress you are making.

Use Twitter Analytics

Click on the small photo of you in the top menu bar until you see the words ‘view my profile’ then click on the photo again until a new menu drops down offering ‘analytics’.  Click on analytics.

This will produce a dashboard which shows for the last 28 days: your top tweets,   number of tweets, top promoter and more.

  •  top tweet- the one which gained the most impressions
  • top promoter your follower with the most followers
  • Visited your profile – clicked through and examined your profile to find out more about you
  • Mentions – mentioned you in a tweet.



So why do you want to know all this?

The figures give you trends – this tells you whether they are going up or down.

e.g. if your profile visits are increasing you have more opportunities to let people see more of your tweets.

When you know what your most popular tweet was in the last month, do you have opportunities to repeat tweets of that nature and continue to get an increasingly good response.

You can also use the information to help plan your goals for the next month   e.g. what would you like to increase?

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