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The biggest thing I got out of working with Gill was getting clarity about my pricing and packages and setting up the mailing list. I am now able to recognize the true value of what I offer. This has made me feel confident  and I had a successful sales conversation following that.

As I’m quite good with the technical side of social media and because I can manage on my own I thought I didn’t need the help. I’m so glad I did work with Gill because she provided me with, strategy, structure, accountability.

I now feel motivated that I need to provide good content for my Facebook page. Having Gill’s accountability checks really helped along the way.

I would thoroughly recommend Gill because if anyone is thinking like me that they already know how to use Facebook etc.  ask yourself,  do you have a strategy and structure?  If you haven’t seen the results you want, you should talk to Gill.

Ela Wassell
Truly Boldy You


I was able to spend time looking at, and working on, those aspects of business where I was struggling.  I was quite stuck in my ways and had not taken a step back to obtain perspective on my business.


Because of working with Gill, I am far more organised and have improved my time management.


I have started to do more mailshots and direct marketing and am finding that this is bringing results.


Gill was gently challenging and held me to account for the things I had said I would do.


I am now in a better position and I am certain that working with Gill was, in no small part, responsible for this improvement.


Ian Crosswell
Thrive With Ian

Before I started Launchpad Online I was aware of many things I needed to do but not quite sure how to do them all.

Launchpad Online is a very informative and helpful programme that increases your skillset in the Online World.   The biggest thing I got out of launchpad was building my contact base and launching my lead magnet successfully.

Elaine Atherton

Working alongside Gill, I became so much more focused and I really could get more done, in far less time!

I felt re-energised.... Gill took away my fear of using social media, which I'd previously largely avoided .... I now feel more confident and I'm ENJOYING this aspect of promoting my workshops, coaching and retreats!!

I loved Gill's down to earth approach.... Her extensive knowledge and expertise just shines through so, if it's a class act you want - Gill Hunt is your woman.

Patricia Bakewell
Patricia Bakewell

After working with Gill, I became more motivated with a clear idea of what I want to do. I have developed a package of services that I can sell that I feel motivated to work on. Gill made it relevant to me and has the personal experience to back up what she is saying.

Sarah Howarth
Real English Training

I am now focusing more on my IBS niche. I’ve started to post more on social media. I’m so glad I decided to work with Gill Online because now have a Facebook page and have seen how posting can be easy. I also have a free download, which I hope will help attract more clients. Having gone through the process once, I can see how to do it again for other things.

Anne Williams
Transforming Health

You won't believe how much our call yesterday helped me.

I can see the overall picture of what I must do, and it's great to have a strategy to start with.


Clair Pyle

"I found Gill really easy to work with. Her laid back style meant that I felt relaxed and able to come up with solutions that were tailored to my business and personality. Her carefully structured questions helped me to stay on track and figure out the way I could use social media more effectively in my business. If I'm honest, I had fallen into the trap of trying to please everyone and not thinking about my ideal client, which meant I was going round in circles and wasting my time. After talking to Gill I became more efficient and targeted and now I have a healthy online community and content that helps my clients and followers create amazing transformations in their lives. Thanks for your help Gill!"

Natasha Mann


Natasha Mann
Sparkles and Bliss

I am now much more informed.  Without Gill's help my class that takes place in the evening would NOT be happening.   I've started to organise my time to give to marketing and am learning how to use social media.

Sarah xx

Sarah Sutton-Smith

I had a consultation with Gill. It made me clearer on what I could do to generate interest in me and my business. This gave me new ideas on what I can do to attract clients to my business.  It’s an eye-opener and well worth your time.


Ann Brown
Happy Being You

I had a consultation with Gill. This was an Opportunity to reflect on changes I can make.  It helped me see areas to focus on in the future and prioritise what’s needed.  It's worth taking time out to look in detail what's needed so you can plan clearly


Sandra Lamb
Mind Body Solutions


Before I started this programe I was floundering and totally lost.

The biggest thing I got out of it was confidence.  I’ve gained knowledge and had support in what I’m doing.  I feel positive and confident about my business.

I would recommend working with Gill.  ‘You have just got to do it.  No if or buts!’


Christine Edun
The Gangster Squad

In the whole of 2015 I took on over 100 new enquiries and well over half of these have become applications to a financial services provider. Only two have not been self-generated, I don't believe that is a coincidence or luck. Personally I have gained more than just an ad campaign or website it has been an education in business development.

Dan - The Morgage Man

Daniel Hulme
J & M Green Mortgage Services Ltd.

I have started do more twitter.  Working with Gill has helped me step away a little and reassess what and where I am with my planning especially with social media. The thing I enjoyed most was the tips and tricks.


Jackie Pike
The Treatment Rooms

I wanted to formulate ideas and address practicalities for my new business. Through working with Gill I gained a clearer focus for my business concept and identified of the size of business I should focus on to gain clients. I was able to put some thought into a pricing strategy and had a plan for tactics to promote and market my business.


Jayne Russell
The Russell Effect



I took the business audit because I wanted to identify the next steps in my business

Doing the audit helped me to realise that I need to do more on understanding the client, and that I can do this through research which can also help to establish a relationship.

Lesley Adams
People Zone


Elaine Atherton

Natasha Mann

Happy Being You

Ann Brown

The Gangster Squad

Christine Edun

The Treatment Rooms

Jackie Pike