How to create a blog to reach more clients

Emily, a nutrition and fitness coach wanted material for social media posts.  Would blogging be of help?

She wanted posts linking back to her website to collect email addresses for her mailing list

Emily had attained her  nutrition and fitness training qualifications in 2015 and had been achieving notable results for her clients since then. Her clients are connected through friends and networking. She has a vision for a successful business where clients were are coming to her from further afield. She knew that this was going to be the year she started working with higher paying clients. Now it was time to demonstrate the value she provided and reach the right people.

Things were going well. She had a Facebook page a twitter account and Instagram page set up. The website had been designed and was live. She was pleased with the way it looked. Everything was looking good. She now wanted to build her list of interested clients through sharing information of value.

There was plenty of material online written by other people for Emily to share which she knew her ideal clients would love, but not much of her own material she could share.

Lead new clients to your website through posts with information  they’re interested in

writing a blog

writing a blog


Emily had been wondering about the blogging part of her marketing, it was apparent  she needed some content of her own.  She had some worries about creating this content though;


  • Where the material was going to come from?
  • Did she have the time available to create the material?
  • Did she have knowledge of the writing process?
  • What would she create to reinforce her message: “fitness is within your reach if you are prepared to take the right steps”

These are natural concerns as most people running their own business are short of time and may not have planned to do masses of marketing. There are methods of becoming successful at this. There are structures that help with writing a blog such as the bridge – problem to solution structure.  Getting a handle on the topics that appeal to your clients takes a lot of the anxiety away. Knowing how to get maximum readership of your blog means that it can contribute to your strategy of attracting new clients to your business.

Writing a regular blog is a tried and tested method of creating material that you can share in your social media posts

Your blog can help you get found through search. You can email links to it to generate more interest in your business. With some knowledge and guidance, it’s possible to plan blog writing into your week within a manageable time frame.

Over to you.
Do you like writing blogs? How did you find the process of creating them? Please write your comments in the box below.

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