Discovery Calls are Deeper Conversations

Talking is good for business

Connecting with clients


Hey there, are you working for yourself because you want to offer your fantastic services to ideal clients and help them make the transformation that you promise?

I bet you already have business cards, go to networking events and have some way of talking about what you do.  Yes.

What’s next?  Where are you getting your clients from?  This is the point of your marketing.


The Funnel is the path to your service


It’s good to invite conversations with people you think have an interest in what you offer,. because if you don’t make the invitation they may think that you are too busy to speak to them or that you work with people not quite like them.


You will have found out, I’m sure, that working for yourself needs a certain amount of marketing activity, just so that your potential clients understand what you do.  This is especially the case when you operate in a niche area.

Here are my recommended marketing actions to start to build up connection with those who you could invite to have a deeper conversation with:

  • Explain more about your work through your platform – i.e. your blog, YouTube, Pinterest etc.
  • Have something Free that can be easily downloaded.  It’s a great way for them to get a sample of what you do risk free.
  • Make invitations to connect or download your free offer through social media
  • Include invitations to have a conversation in some of the emails you send out.
  • Consider webinars or Facebook live where you will have more opportunity to build connections.


Now it may be that people enquire about working with you directly from your platform, or they may reply to your conversations in webinars and/or workshops.


For a high value service, it’s very likely that you’ll need to have a conversation so that the true value is understood.  Your clients need more personalised information to find out whether it’s  for them.

What you need to set up deeper conversations?


At each stage, the client is self-selecting and choosing whether to go further into what you offer.  Here’s a list of the stages where they make choices to find out more about working with you.


  1. A Gift
  2. A questionnaire that they fill out before the call
  3. Have a call to action on your Facebook posts, etc.
  4. During the sales conversation


How do you feel

about having these


Does it feel difficult, awkward?

Most things that you aren’t used to doing do feel awkward.  If you had a health problem, you would go and consult a doctor.  The doctor would ask you a few questions and then may refer you on to a consultant (a specialist in a certain area) If you have sufficient income you may consult with one or two consultants, take their views and opinions into account and decide which one to work with.   If you were having a house extension built you would probably invite two or three builders to give you a quotation and, you would be interested not just in the price but also in how well they would serve your needs.  It’s my guess that at the end of the day your final selections will be based on who the best fit for the job you are wanting to do, providing they fall roughly within the budget you have set.


By you inviting someone to have a conversation you’re inviting them to find out more about your service Even better if they are referred to you for a conversation

 By having the conversation

  you find out if what you offer

can help them?




How would you feel if

they needed your service

and you didn’t make the time

to speak to them?

Time to check that you have enough marketing in place to be able to make invitations for deeper conversations.


What works best for you in setting up deeper conversations?


If you would like to discuss setting up the foundations to attract deeper conversations book an Online Presence Audit.



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