Do you want copy with your website?

Challenge Solution

I remember an occasion a few years ago when I commissioned a website and the designer asked me ‘Do you want copy with your website?’ ‘What is copy, and do I need it?’ I thought.

Copy is the way to attract visitors to your website

When you start working on your website, I’m guessing that you want many visitors.  This might be to your blog, the events page, or about you page?  Copy is the way to attract them.

Good copy is: writing that shows your readers why they should attend your next event; [tweet this] Writing that invites them to know more about what you do; Writing that’s interesting enough to make them impart their email address so they can download the FREE guide that you have lovingly prepared. This persuasive writing is called ‘copy’ The word is derived from newspaper jargon. It’s material written for the press intended to be available for all to read, i.e. it could be copied (as opposed to being written as a private paper)

 Good copy creates an ‘aha’ moment

Your reader will feel you’re talking to them with good copy. They’ll stay on the page longer.  The exactly right words and your conversational tone will be easy to take in, like that feeling when you’re reading something and it ‘hits the sweet spot in your emotions’?  The writing literally strikes a chord with you and you have an aha moment:’ Fiction writers are very good at this.  In my view, Donna Tart and Kazuo Ishiguro strike those chords with me when I read their books.

On a more practical business level, inclusion of words and phrases that your ideal clients search for will make your website, and blog easier to find in Google and this means more visitors.  Making the obvious sound interesting means that your reader is drawn deeper into your page.  The longer they stay on your site the more likely they are to act, e.g. subscribe, email you, purchase.

Define your reader

There are some established rules for copywriting:

Firstly, as one of the most famous copywriters David Ogilvy said, explaining his work for Dove; “Clearly define your positioning- what and who for. I could have positioned Dove as a detergent bar for men with dirty hands but chose instead to position it as a toilet bar for women with dry skin. This is still working 25 years later.”


Dove Adcampaign - Retro and modern

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You will agree I hope that you need copy-writing, but how do you start to write?   I’m going to share with you three famous copywriting formulas proven to work at ‘being persuasive’ for you to try for yourself.

# Formula 1 Challenge, Solution, Invitation

I like this one because it’s straightforward and easy to remember.

  • Challenge – identify the challenge or problem
  • Solution – discuss your solution
  • Invitation- invite them to take the next step with you


Challenge Solution

# Formula 2 AIDA

This is possibly the most well-known formula and many copywriters have come up with their own individual version

  • Attention – grab their attention with something that is – different, addressed to them, news or unique – this can often be the headline
  • Interest – get their interest by talking about something of interest to them – something they want to achieve
  • Desire – explain how it would be if they had what you are offering
  • Action – explain how to get a place at your event.



# Formula 3 QUEST

Let’s suppose you are offering entertainment – your audience does not necessarily have any pain.  Write copy to entice them to get more of what they want.

  • Qualify the reader – i.e. explain to them who they are
  • Understand where they are now – what their situation is/what their quest is
  • Educate them – tell them a little more about your subject
  • Stimulate them – so they want a better way –
  • Transition them – show them how they can achieve their quest by buying from you.


.  If you try out some of these formulas, you will find it gives a structure and purpose to your writing.  The ability to write good copy is a really useful part of the tool kit for creating growth in your business.  You can try using these writing formulas to:

  • Create a story board for your video,
  • Create an outline for the blog,
  • Create information for the sales page/landing page for your next event,
  • Create information for your next course


If you’ve enjoyed reading this and would like to discuss ways of writing online for growing your business, please get in touch:


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