Stop thinking that you will post on Facebook tomorrow

You know you want to be visible but keep on putting it off

You really meant to post on Facebook, but suddenly a lot of things came up, the day has gone and you still haven’t done your post.  Never mind you can post it the next day.  The problem is that this is becoming a regular occurrence.

You can have a brilliant online presence

No matter where you are right now (website or not, social media platforms or not, technophobe or not), there are plenty of ways you can start building a brilliant online presence and start attracting clients right now.

 Don't let your goal of new clients slip away

What this means is that you are not as visible as you’d like to be.  You have invitations to make and until you are posting on a regular basis it’s just not possible to make the communications you want.  Your goals of getting new clients before the end of the month are slipping further and further away.

You want  a system

What you’d really like is a system, something that tells you what you should be doing. Something that tells you whether you are doing it right or not.

There is a solution

As a start, you can download a handy Facebook posting checklist.

This is a list of the things you should be doing on Facebook, neatly sectioned into:  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly activities.

Make today the day you post.

Download here.

Get this handy Facebook posting checklist


  • A single page document telling you what to do for Facebook posting
  • Daily activities
  • weekly activities
  • Monthly activities

Move out of procrastination and get your checklist NOW.

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

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