Facebook Reviews – The basics

You need Facebook Reviews for  your business?  How do you get Facebook Reviews?  Reviewing is an art that is fun and that most people can join in.  It’s also a really good business tool and I’m going to discuss here how you can boost your Facebook Page by asking for more reviews.

People trust what others say about you

People trust what others say and getting a review will make you more valued.   Reviews show up much more prominently on mobile devices. The star rating is the overall average of all the reviews

You have a Facebook Review tab on your page

If you can’t see it, go to:  Page, settings, look for the review tab.  You can move it’s position.


When to request a review

Usually people will write a review if you ask them.   Clients who are avid reviewers or  really like what you have done may write a review with no prompting.  A goog time to ask for a  review is just when the service delivery is almost completed.  At this point the service is still an important part of their week and they will feel happy to write about it.  Their memory at this stage is still very vivid.

How to ask for a review

Just ask your clients when you meet with them, or if you’re online drop them a message and ask if they would review.  You can copy and  paste the questions below to make it simple for them.


Typical review topics

Here are some sample questions that you could email to your clients

  • What did you buy/use?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What was your experience of using it?
  • What was the result/outcome/what changed for you by using this service?
  • What would you say to others who were thinking of doing the same?


What’s stopping you?

Ask for reviews and you’ll get them.

You may not want to ask for reviews because of:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Self-sabotage
  • Not being organised


What about negative reviews

The more reviews you get the increase in probability that you’ll get a negative review.  If it’s genuinely cause for concern – analyse what the problem is.  Respond to it and see if you can make positive changes for the future.  If its just someone having a go for no reasons other than being malicious – ignore it and It will soon out of sight as more positive reviews will be on show above it.

The Facebook Review Process

Go to the Facebook Page

Click the number of stars

Write what you liked about it

That’s it!!


Write a few reviews yourself to get into the habit

You may have been invited by someone to write a review or you may have thought that you would like to review someone, but how should you do this?

Here are some things you may be worried about:

  • Your Grammar
  • Your reputation


Review writing tips

Work out what you want to say beforehand.

check your grammar.

Make it specific.   Find a specific thing that you like about the product and service.


Give out some of the love yourself

When you write a review you automatically become a thought leader.  Writing a review gives you an opportunity to show what you feel about products and services.


By giving a review you become more aware of what a good business is.

When you have given a review, you will feel much more confident about asking your own clients for a review.  Giving out a good review can:

Showing gratitude.  It’s is good for the soul

You are saying thank you and this feels good

What you give out will come back to you


See if you can find any sites to review.


Over to You

When did you last ask for a Facebook Review?


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