Finding ways to work with your dream client

Dream Client -starting the work


You have a dream client in mind and imagine yourself working with them.  Perhaps it’s a large brand like Virgin, or an organisation like the World Health Organisation, it may be an ideal client avatar such as a recently qualified teacher etc.

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Dream Client?

Where would you start?  Is it possible?

Firstly, think about why your service is relevant to the client.

Think about you working with the client.

If you get an excited feeling – read on.

Dream client?

Dream client?

Here’s a quick list of what to do:

  1. Find out more about the client – who’s in charge, who works in the various functions.
  2. Start to make social media connections – Linked-In would be a good place to start if it’s a corporate client.
  3. Research client needs – if it’s corporate look out for annual reports, publications, press information that might tell you more about them. Setting up google alerts is good for this.
  4. Examine your current offers – which of your offers is a good fit with this client. Ask yourself why?
  5. Re-visit all the outcomes that other clients have had from working with you.
  6. Visualise how your offer could be of help to your dream client – you can be creative here.
  7. Think about ways in which you can contact the client – e.g. through social media, through someone you know, mail, phone calls, meetings, events etc.
  8. Diarise to keep up the alerts for connections and ways of making contact.
  9. Think up an exciting piece of mail that you could send to the client to introduce yourself.
  10. Make contact.
  11. Establish client needs
  12. Discuss options.


So, there you have it.  This list is drawn up from my personal experience of doing this.

What next

I’d love to hear about a dream client you have attracted – or one you would like to attract.  Please share in the comment box.


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