Get clear on your message

Use key words as part of your message so clients hear you

When you are clear on what your message it’ll be so much easier for others to understand what you are offering so that they want to pay you for it


If you are already delivering a service to satisfied clients, it would be fair to assume that what you most want, is a stream of new people coming through to replace those who leave satisfied.   Some new people may flow into you through recommendations.  This will be in direct proportion to how many they have in their own circles.  As a future thinking entrepreneur, you will want to extend the message to be sure of reaching those who could at some point in the future need your service.

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Reasons why we can as entrepreneurs end up delivering confusing messages:

It takes focus to break out of the day to day to formulate your message

Intending to get a clear message out takes understanding and a degree of analysis. You may think that this is a job only for trained marketing professionals, or that you don’t have the language to do this.  The day to day schedules of: writing your blog, networking, interviewing and seeing clients can leave little time for reflective thinking.  It can leave little time for the sort of slow, deliberate thinking that is not automatic thought.

Confused Identity

I heard a story of a business woman recently who said:   Five years ago, I was a: coach, a healer, a holistic therapist and a consultant.  That took up a lot of my energy to keep all those plates spinning and create the right messages.

No time

You may be short of time  and will need to schedule in time for doing this thinking.

Anxiety about getting clear on the message

This can take many forms including, procrastination,  feeling a fear of moving forward or a slight anxiety about tackling this important step in your business development.

 Mixed media messages

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit and more that you can use it can seem an impossible task to keep a tap on the identity of them all and being able to check that you message is clear on them.

Your advocates are confused

Your peer group and current clients could be the best advocates you have, so if they are unclear about how to communicate what you do it really feels like a waste of a good opportunity.


Simple steps to create a clear message

I’d like to share with your simple steps you can take to make sure that your communications are clear and memorable.

Get clear on the big picture

This is the main outcome that people you work with achieve?  Once you can understand what it means for them, it is they who will starting to create something.

By taking time to think about exactly what bigger picture outcome you are delivering it will be easy for you to get your message across e.g. the earlier person who was previously a coach, healer, holistic therapist and consultant has whittled her message down to: I deliver, a future free from anxiety for those whose lives have stopped in their tracks so that they can feel inspired to achieve their dreams.  This is so much simpler for her.  She might still be carrying out different roles but it’s just easier for people to understand.

Use some keywords

This simply means using the main phrases that your ideal client might use when describing what they want in your message.

Tell stories

The human brain lights up with stories, particularly those with emotion and the brain finds this easier to remember than pure facts.

Think of ways to make it memorable

This could include a memorable story, an unusual fact, something that is repeated, a phrase that you use frequently.

Schedule time

Set aside some time for getting this important task done.

Real people

get some real people to help share your story and it becomes more believable You can use real people to help you tell these stories. These real people could be your clients or your peer groups.  By asking them to work with you on this you will get authenticity

Being honest

will always pay. Never make promises that you can’t keep, always be truthful.

Manage your media

Create message and style policies so that it’s easy to check that words and some of the visual cues link up such as colours, fonts are being used. This is especially important when you are delegating.

Get Advocate clarity

One of the most influential ways of getting your message across is through the mouths of other people.  These are the people that really want to help you because they like you and they like what you do.  There are times when your peer group do get some of what you do but not necessarily your ‘bigger picture’ and your job is to help them to get this.

I had a wonderful example of this working well last week when I was asked to introduce a speaker.  She sent to me very clear information about what she did.  And included very clear information on who her ideal client was going to be.  This was important as she’s in a transition phase and her new ideal client is slightly different from her current ideal client.


I’ve shared with you reasons why it can seem daunting to sort out your main message and what can get in the way of doing this.  I’ve also shared with you some solutions to these problems.  I love working with clients on this.  Some of the basic steps to creating a message are:  Listen to clients, be clear on the big picture, manage your media and advocates and schedule time for doing it.

Over to you

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