How to get started writing your business blog and reasons to have one

When you are working in a business because you love doing what you do, time spent with clients may seem more important than writing the blog.   You have possibly thought about having a blog but not really taken the subject seriously yet.  Perhaps you are regularly creating posts on social media and wondering, what is the point of a blog?  Can I reach all the people I need through social media? Here’s one good reason to keep a blog: Many people still look for information through online search and hence could be finding you through a blog post.  By adding fresh information to your website in the form of a blog it feeds the search engines with interesting new material meaning that your website will be easier to find.

Where do you start?

Decide your blog’s purpose

Once you are clear about the purpose of your blog it becomes clearer which topics you can include in the blog.  You can help to keep your blog on track by having a written purpose statement (for yourself)

One of the questions you might be asking is:  But won’t it be boring to write about the same topic every week.   The answer to this is no, you could be writing about the same topic but in a different way or using different examples, or different stages of the client’s business.

Reasons to write a blog

There are many reasons to write a blog and here are some of them.

  • To build a relationship with ‘your tribe’ of people so that they are receptive at the appropriate time to your offers and events.
  • To attract more followers who could eventually become clients.
  • To educate clients and potential clients about ways in which you can help them.
  • Monetised blogs make money from adverts and affiliate links, however they are in a different category to the ones in which I work.

Know what your reader is interested in

The starting point for the strategy is to know who it’s for and to know what the reader is interested in reading about.  In work I do with clients this is called ‘Ideal Client Planning’. This is part of your basic business planning, but for most businesses, things change in the world on a regular basis and it’s worthwhile re-evaluating exactly who you are communicating with on a regular basis.

Have a posting schedule for your blog

Having a posting schedule and using key words (i.e. the words that your typical client might search for) within your blog.


Think about your blog topics

When you are running your own business that you are passionate about, your blog can focus on the area in which you provide value e.g.  I like to provide information of help to women who want more direction in setting up their online marketing foundations, a healthy eating healthy coach could write about   ways to eat more healthily and ways to manage the mind and voices. If you have researched your clients well, your interest area should also be of interest to the readers you are aiming to reach with your blog.

Blog with a goal in mind

Start at the end and work backwards

When your goal is long term you can start at the end and work backwards, for example if you are planning an event which is in 6 months’ time you can start to create blogs that will build up a relationship and attract the sort of people who could be interested in your event.

I recommend that you have a sign -up or free offer form on the blog allowing visitors to find out a little more about you. This is a good way of capturing names and emails of people who could be interested in the event, so that nearer the time you can email out a reminder list.  For this you will need a landing page that matches your target audience, i.e. someone is interested in your key words, they google them and come across and a mailing list host.



Over to you

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