Get out of the overwork cycle and into the work smarter cycle

Another weekend coming up with a list of ‘business things to do’.  Should you be doing this at the weekend?  Are you working for yourself, without retained staff? Do you find that you are working more hours than when you were in work and that without the right investors you are making do in some areas of your business instead of having the finance to get the leverage that would take you forward at a faster pace, perhaps you don’t yet have the website of your dreams as the cost is more than you want to spend and you are also juggling home responsibilities with your personal business journey? 

But your business is providing much needed services and you have so much to give and are determined to be successful in your life.   Sound tough….  How do you get out of this cycle?

I’d like to share with you some things you can do to move up from this uphill cycle as quickly as possible.

All businesses need clients

Any start-up businesses need clients — and better for you if they are ‘ideal clients’. The Mid-level businesses require more clients and thus more money, or perhaps you are aiming for a reputable and flourishing business with fewer but superior clients. But what exactly is the method to go about reaching the clients? How should you attract the first client? How should you get more clients? How to get high level clients?

Work Smarter to get the clients

Here’s the thing you could work smarter not harder to get the clients. Client attraction is an expression that refers to the strategies business owners use make catch more clients. Here are few basics to get hold of new and existing clients:

  1. Talking to just 3 people a day about your business is something you can do which will start to bring in results very quickly. This will be even more effective if you can use social media to do a little research, discover where your perfect clients go to network, learn, and raise their businesses — and you must go there too! If your prospective customers are designers, make sure you walk to some design oriented events and meetings. If your best clients are authors, you must go to author groups, literary conferences and book expos. Create a file of people who express interest in your offerings.  You may opt to offer free trials so that your potential clients are clearer about your offerings.  You may offer consultations, audits, free reports or information, podcasts.


  1. When new customers visit your website, they are more interested to see that you recognize what they are struggling with or require assistance with, and that you have the answer to their dilemma. Visitors want comfort that they have come at the right place. When they can browse your offers and see that you have numerous options for them they will easily be able to connect with you at different price points. If you provide testimonials with or near your offers, you will help communicate the results and benefits they can receive when working with you.

Take care of your list and remain in contact with those who engage and show interest in your offer.  Try to learn and discover more about them.  Send them interesting and valuable information e.g. an interview on something they are concerned about.


  1. Fostering relationships with your clients  and potential clients is a vital part of raising a flourishing business. In today’s age of automation and innovation, being in tune with your clients has never been more important. Invite the selected people from your list to have in depth conversation with you. You can invite them to your webinars or invite them to a conversation to discover their position.


Focus on the stage you need for one month

The three stages of attracting clients are:  Building your list,  engaging with and nurturing clients and leads  or having conversations.  Choose one of these three  stages for a month and then shift on to the next stage. This is your marketing and business development cycle.   I offer a system for developing your own client attraction strategy.  Following the system will get you out of the overwork cycle.

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Over to you

Which phases of the marketing cycle are you successful at?  Is there a stage where you feel you need some assistance?  Whatever be the situation, I’d love to hear.  Post your comments in the box below.



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