Why getting emotional connection works for your business

Why getting the right connections is not the only thing you need for success in your business

You also need emotional connection

Creative artist and Videographer Petra had recently changed from working for an organisation to becoming self-employed.  She explained ‘I now want clients of my own so I need to make connections.’


 I knew she was extremely successful in her work, so was interested to hear why she wanted to make connections

This was her situation.  She needed to find more people who knew, liked, and trusted her.  She wanted to connect with people who would naturally want to purchase her services.  She had many connections in the corporate world from the job she used to do, but they used tenders to acquire services for specific projects.  They had no requirement for smaller packages with an element of individuality and creativity that was Petra’s passion.


As an independent videographer, it seemed that despite all her experience and success, she was at the beginning of a journey

It’s true that most of us purchase services through someone we already know. It helps if we like them and it’s essential to trust them.  From this premise, making connections is the very first stage in being able to build a meaningful and endearing relationships. As a business owner, I’m sure you will want these connections to feel motivated enough to refer you or buy from you.  The result is profit and growth in your business.


Behind the desire for connections is a desire for clients that want to purchase what you are offering

Once you have the right connections you will wonder why it had once seemed so difficult.   You will also need to be the creator or authorised distributor of a product or service that solves problems.  A product or service that your clients want or need.


The need for the right connections in business can feel like everyone else is connected and you aren’t part of the right circles

I really understand the need for connections.  Without them it can feel that everyone else is part of the inner circle, that they all have support and you don’t. It can feel that others are attracting clients easily and that until you have the connections you won’t be able to attract the right clients.


Where do you start in building connections if you don’t know the right people?

Initially finding the right people to make the connections especially if you don’t already know them, can seem like a step into the unknown. Someone who I once worked with use to explain this as, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ This is certainly the case in making connections.


Making connections

Making connections

Start with a client avatar and look for areas of emotional connection

 When working with clients I help them create an outline of their own ideal client.  It’s about getting an understanding of what their client wants. What their challenges are and their outlook on life.

I like to explain to my clients that you need an understanding of exactly who your ideal client is before you can start making connections with them. This is the first stage for you to attract the clients you want for a successful business.  I show them how to create what is known as a client avatar.

The next stage is to draw a connection map to pin point where there are likely be connections to the ideal client.  I work with clients to help them build up connections through the channels most appropriate for their skill-set.  This can be through building skills in Online networking or through using face to face networks with Online information to back the activity. Getting connection can be as simple as exchanging conversation at a networking meeting, connecting on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Make the connection meaningful

You should aim to get emotional connection.  To illustrate this, compare the polite ‘hello’ you might make when passing someone you know in the street to the feeling of warmth you feel when you are about to meet up with someone who’s company you enjoy.  Your clients will want more of what you offer when you create an emotional connection. You can create this by exchanging information on: a shared philosophy of life, experiences, cultural preferences, lifestyle, aspirations, or shared interests.


We all know that a lot of business is done on the golf course. This is because the players share the golfing experience and it’s easy to talk during the game.  You can make emotional connections through identifying others with your own values and interests.  For example, if you like heart centred living you can make connections with other heart centred people. You can do this through Online groups or networking. When you can identify people with shared values or interests, connecting can be the start of a beautiful relationship.


If there’s a large gap, remember 6 degrees of separation

Where there is a seemingly huge gap between your ideal client and those you are already connected to, get yourself hope from the six degrees of separation principle.

This theory was tested by Stanley Milgram in the 1960’s when he asked 296 people to mail letters to specific individuals, stating that if they did not know the individual personally they should mail it to someone who was more likely to know them.  The letters arrived at the named individual on average through a chain of 5.2 intermediaries – i.e. 6 hops. Facebook recently revisited the idea through  research at the University of Milan  in 2011.  They studied the degree of separation between its 729 million users (which represents about 10% of the total earth population).

They found that the degree of separation between any two people who are Facebook users is more likely to be 4.7 and even less between two people in the same country.   This is reported in  the register .  It means that there are likely to be only two or three hops between users within the same country.


Making connections is a skill that can be learned

Making connections is a matter of building up networks through face to face meetings and conferences or online social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and through friends and family.  Connections can be made through business networks, professional organisations, networking groups, events, and trade shows.   You will be able to generate referrals through well connected people e.g.  getting media coverage or being spoken about by other professionals or getting the best out of media so you will be found through search online or through directories.

Making connections is hugely important to being successful in business but it’s the beginning of a relationship

Getting the first connection in your target niche will inevitably lead to increasing success in your chosen field.  Having a positive mindset, understanding who your ideal client is and working at creating emotional connections is something to build into your plan.  You will also need to have an excellent product or service that you can explain and that clients want and need.


With these foundations in place you are on the way to the success you desire. Keeping connections live until they want or need your services another skill I work with clients on. It’s good to connect with people who have the right inner qualities as you are more likley to stay in touch when there is emotional connection.



I’d love to know how you feel about making connections

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