Getting new clients is easy

Your dream year is coming up.  Imagine that in this best ever year, you will be fully booked with clients.


You might have a have a waiting list of people that you could fit in when spaces became available?

This may already have been a good year

you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t looking for ways of making things even better. You probably have a dream vision of your ideal day and how that will feel,  the money you’ll earn, and the sort of surroundings  you’ll be in.

You may want clients who pay more, clients who make better use of your time, clients who are more responsive and get better results from the service you offer. Whatever it is that you want, this is normal, there are very few businesses who don’t seek some improvememt.

I spoke to a client last week who had actually achieved everything she’d wanted to achieve two years ago. When she reflected: two years ago that didn’t really seem possible, she’d done it and this was cause for celebration.

Following the celebration it was time for some slow thinking on what would be possible next year.

 I’d like to share some tips I’ve collected from very successful business people for making this happen. Here’s a list of actions that have been successful in attracting new clients. 


Make yourself valuable and visible

Find as many ways as you can to offer help that puts you in touch with as many people as you can.

  • Speak to groups
  • Give webinars
  • Give anyone 5-15 minutes of your time to answer questions

By offering help you will become recognised as a valuable resource.


Ask the right questions

Have conversations with people who you think may be interested in your service and make sure you are asking them the right type of questions


Video is powerful

Using short videos is a very powerful way to attract new clients.   If you think this is showing off, I have seen so many videos when researching for information on you tube that I know it is a valid method of saying who you are.


Get to know where the gaps are

You are probably thinking of networking with potential clients.  How about networking with other coaches.  Once you know who else is in your industry and you get to be known and trusted by them they will feel much happier passing work to you as they can offer this as a service to their clients.

Niching will get you more noticed

Finding a niche for yourself is a really good way to get noticed.  (I know it’s difficult look out for more of my writing on this) The advantages are way you can start to interact with a bunch of people who really understand what you are doing and you can understand them and their wants better.


Use reverse thinking to get you closer to your ideal clients

  • Who exactly do you really not enjoy working with?
  • What type of work do you really not enjoy doing?
  • What sort of day sucks the life out of you?


Use Manifestation

What type of client would you really enjoy working with? Ask for them.

(Have you ever found that when you think of someone they suddenly phone you!)


Find the power your current networks

Examine your current networks and find out where the ‘connectors’ are – these are the people that can link you to other people you want to connect with. Which groups do you have the greatest access to – think about this one and look at how you communicate best – is it online, face to face, one to many, one to one.   It’s impossible to get close  new clients unless you have a channel to communicate in e.g.  clubs, organisations, online communities


Connections are vital

Thinking about the type of people you want to work with, how can you get closer to them, how can you get into the networks they are part of? Think of ways you can keep building your network.


Clients can only come from the connections you have and intend to make tweet


Add some filters

You may want to filter out exactly who is going to be in your community, who exactly you want to work with.  More time with the people you want to work with means less time with the people you don’t want to work with and could start by asking Yourself some questions such as:

  • Who exactly do you really enjoy working with?
  • Do they have income from their own business/resources to pay you?


Work on your past successes

Look back over past testimonials. Look for patterns and themes.  Is there anything that has really wowed your clients?  Something they say they got from you that you can use to describe your work to others?  What are the areas that your clients report they have had a massive success after working with you?  Remember this is not always about money, look for what they are saying it could be: increased confidence, removed barriers, filled in gaps in my knowledge, gave tips and tricks.  You may be surprised at what they said.


Make sure you’re offering the right thing

People buy solutions not processes.  By that I mean, no-one will buy a series of 30 lessons explaining xyz but they will buy the ability to be able to do   xyz

When you can offer a solution to your client they will be much more interested in what you are offering.

When you offer the right thing you will know because it will cause a flutter

Here are examples of solutions

  • Get new clients in 28 days
  • Get 100 new subscribers to your list in 3 months
  • Attract 2 new clients a month
  • Have an Online presence that attracts new leads.

I hope that from this list you can find at least one thing you would like to use to create an improvement to your business.


Perhaps you have had some success with some of these things.  What has been your most successful strategy – I’d love to hear.


I hope you found this list of tips for making it easier to attract new clients useful.  You may be doing some of these things already and there may be some things you would like to try.  Whatever stage you are at doing some of these things are part of what makes your business tick


If any of these things are your particular favourite and have worked really well for you shout out in the box below.


If you would like to talk about attracting more clients or developing your business I would like to speak to you.

If you are thinking about doing any of these things and would like to discuss them please do get in touch.



Photo by Paul Dufour on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

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