Getting Your Voice out

Is your voice getting lost?

You as a business creator and owner will have a voice and sometimes it just struggles to get out because of all the buzz that’s going on around you and because technology can be a barrier.  Your voice is the message, technology is just the vehicle.


When I opened my Iphone today there was a message from Facebook to say that today is Girls Day and that inside every girl is a leader.  If girls are given the right conditions and encouragement they will be able to speak, lead and play a valuable part in the life of their community.  I endorse the message fully.


Some women in business have a little girl inside their head who struggles to get her voice out


The idea of International Girls Day made me think about how when I was a girl  there was not such a great expectation to become a leader and that as a result, at times my voice struggles to get out.  It is still maturing.


Have you ever felt like this, that you have something you really want to say and struggle to get it out?  You may start to think:  If only I had a room full of people I could address, if only I had the most beautiful website where I could place my blog, if only I was a member of a networking group where people really wanted to listen to what I have to say, if only I was quick on being able to get messages out using my mobile phone, I could speak. I have at times felt this.

Is finding your voice a struggle?

If your business provides a service such as coaching, counselling, if you are are helping your clients to lead from within you have possibly chosen to  listen, quietly prompt, inspire and ask questions, so that your clients can find their space. As a listener, where do you get the voice from so you can speak?

You most definitely need to speak to market your business? Finding your voice when you aren’t used to using it can seem a huge task and a struggle. Technology can create another barrier to getting your voice out.   When you feel comfortable with your voice, technology has the power to magnify your voice. Remember the technology is just the vehicle, it’s your voice that is the important part.


 Every business and service creator wants to get their message out so that they can find clients and business success


Well my friends there is a solution to the quest to find your voice and using it for your business. There is a voice in you waiting to get out whether you have not yet used it much or have always found it easy to communicate, whether you are young or more mature.  You can work on finding your message and practicing the voice to get it out. Practicing will develop neural pathways and each time you practice it will get easier. When you have found your voice you will be able to connect with that room full of people, you will be able to integrate with the networks that are right for you, you will be be inspired to write a blog or make a podcast or do a Vlog or Facebook Live. You can make the most of technology and get your voice into the media around us. Your voice is part of  networking, meeting up and making connections.  It’s my motto that technology can be tamed and by taking it one step at a time it’s not overwhelming and can help you have a voice.


I worked with earlier in the year with a business woman who found her voice and published a series of Facebook posts to get her thoughts out. i.e. she used Facebook as she was familiar with and didn’t wait until she had a beautiful website and a blog, she is now taking huge strides forward in her business and is about to start podcasting!!


If you’d like to find your voice and tame technology so you can get it out please do contact me.   Tel. 07988 616 704


Did this resonate with you?  Have you had an experience when you’ve found your voice or an experience of struggling to find it.   Do comment below.



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