Does Going Online Feel Like Eating Dried Insects?

Who saw the family from Port Sunlight being asked to eat dried insects on TV the other night?

It was part of an education into helping one member of the family get over an anxiety about eating which was connected to a fear of trying something new.  By doing this other exercise the other members of the family began to feel how difficult it was for their daughter to try different types of foods.

There are similarities between this and doing things Online.  It can feel scary to think that if you post something, you are not exactly sure who will see it, even though it could connect you to positive results.

You can build likeability and trust

It can feel daunting to know that to have a blog that speaks to your clients you may have to do a bit of planning, even though when it’s out there you are building up likability and trust.

Perhaps you sometimes feel that it’s so much easier to meet people face to face and speak to them rather than having to construct information to put online?

May be some of the things you plan to do online just see a bit far away now – set up a social media business page, set up automated emails, have a free download…… etc.  Would you like them to seem easy?

Would you like going online to seem easy?

Going online is simply making use of the tools that are available to you so you can reach further than the excellent communications you are doing face to face.  You can connect with a larger number of people.  You can continue offline conversations online, you can build your brand

Everyone is certainly different and what comes naturally to some is not so easy for others.

The point is that when you are experimenting with exactly what to do, some things feel as strange as eating a dried insect.

When you have a good idea of what you are doing it can seem as easy and familiar as eating a blow of strawberries.

I absolutely understand this and for this reason have put together an Online course explaining how to do the essentials online.  I want to take away any anxiety and replace it with understanding and ease.

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