How inspired are you?

Websites, social media, telephone contacting, creating new services.
Doing all this I know sometimes seems like spinning plates and maybe you think that August is a time to drop a few.


It could be time for a reassessment

Taking a breather and reassessing what’s working for you is not such a bad idea. After all, running your own business is a very HUMAN Activity and adding changes, tweaks and coming up with inspiring new ideas is the fun part of it.


To be human is to be inspired

The very essence of being human, is to be inspired, work out what’s coming up and create something specifically because either you have a piece of inspiration or you have spotted an opportunity.

What do I mean by all of this:

After a break she’s excited and creative

I saw an example of someone who told me that she’d been blogging on a regular basis for 12 months and was now uninspired by the task. She took a break and after the break came up with a lot of new inspiration and now does her blogs as short videos. She’s excited and they are looking interesting to read.

I personally like to take a  break from time to time on some of the platforms I’m involved in e.g. Facebook, Twitter

  • What have you found is really working for you?
    What is draining you?
    What do you think would really work for you?

Don’t make marketing a daily grind make it fun

Doing your own marketing doesn’t have to be a daily grind. It should be fun, enjoyable and lead to the place you are going.
Have a think about these things see if it’s time to make some changes. Ask me if you’d like a review.

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