How much use do you make of your website?

The website is fairly core in your marketing but in reality it is only as visible as you make it and how much you put into it depends on how much of your energy you want to be consumed with getting stuff digital and how much of your energy you would like to put into creating opportunities for contact.


One of my key learnings from the last few years is to do what you do best and what you really like doing.

This philosophy also extends to the mangement of websites. They have so much capability, and yet what is going to be really effective (and enjoyable to upkeep.


I do know is that some people are known as ‘Lords or builders’ and their area of speciality is in building up pipelines, funnels, plans etc. and some people can feel like they are getting cabin fever by spending too long in front of a computer and get lit up when they get the chance to speak to a real person, these are actors. My role involves helping clients to sort out what they are best at and make their marketing effective enjoyable so they are doing marketing they like. Which one are you – Builder, Actor or something else?

Whichever one you are there will be some area of marketing that is perfect for you and this could be doing some activity on your website.



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