How To Create Content ABC

An easy way to keep clients engaged

Finding topics to talk about for your blog and social media is an important part of attracting clients. This is crucial for making keeping your clients interested and attracting new ones.

Have you ever felt muddled and confused on doing this aspect of your marketing?   What on earth can I talk about this week for my blog.  How can I keep up to date with social media? 

Is this you?  You just want to get on with your real area of work and this ‘marketing thing’ is nagging away at you. Your aim is probably to be as efficient as possible so that the marketing ‘works like a dream’.

Why is it that some people can create a monthly or even fortnightly blog and you are struggling to get one out at all?

I want to let you into a secret- it’s called Content Planning.

With content planning you go through a process that means you have a list of all the topics you want to talk about in your blogs, webinars, etc.

From this list you plan out the best time of year for them to be worked on.

You use the list to schedule dates for:  Deciding key words, researching, Option to assign an author (yes – you could ask someone else to write it!)

Once the topic and date are entered onto the calendar then you have something concrete to work towards.

You can then use the information from the blog to inform words and ideas for social media.

Topics that you choose may be influenced by outside events or they may be influenced by your own marketing calendar – e.g. if you have an open day coming up you may want to create a blog giving your audience reasons to attend your event.

You can download a copy of the calendar here  

If you would like to discuss using the calendar, please book a consultation call here:

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