How to find out what your clients really want

Finding what your clients want can be enjoyable.

Have a real conversation

Do you like the idea research, or does it make it see you feel like a scientist in white coat?

Well whatever your view of it it’s a valuable thing to do for your business. By research, I mean having conversations. Ideally with the people that that would make your ideal client. You can ask them questions at to find out: what motivates them; what might prevent them from deciding to work with you; what services of yours that they might like.

These are the sorts of conversations that it’s much easier to have them with real people.

You can also get valuable information with online surveys

You can also do research by using survey monkey or other such pieces of software which will enable you to gather questions in a shorter amount of time from people by asking questions that probably take no more than three or four minutes to answer

Are you developing a new offer or investigating a new type of client?

If you’re interested in research and you are also expanding your business, wishing to move to a different type of client or you want to offer a new service I invite you to join me in a research call.  There is no obligation for you to do anything further after the call.

A friendly second pair of eyes

As a thank you.  I will offer you an online presence review of your own media. This is a friendly second pair of eyes discussion on what your online presence looks like.  I will give you a Next Step as part of the review.

To take part in this research please email me with the subject research in the heading or book here

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash