Why Your Clients Don’t Understand Your Value

How many times have you explained what you do to potential clients and felt that they don’t really understand the value of your offer?

Don’t leave your clients comparing your offer to something they think they can buy cheaper which they think is similar.

Perhaps you are uncertain of the value of what you do yourself.  When you are unable to convey the value of your offering the results are not good and can show as:

  • Lack of sales
  • Reduced income from sales
  • Loss of confidence and esteem in your products and services
  • Loss of momentum in your business.

Are any of these familiar to you?   Your service is individual and unique and that’s why it’s really important that you can explain the value, otherwise you are selling a commodity.  Imagine if people think that your service is a comodity,  you would be powerless to influence the selling price as it would be dictated purely by demand and supply.

When your clients can really understand the value of what you are offering they ‘get it’ and they will not wish to make comparisons.

But the journey for you from service creation to being able to help your clients ‘get’ the value is frequently tortuous and your business future could be severely limited unless you are able to explain the value to them.

It’s  more likely In reality that your service is the very opposite of a commodity

A service perhaps in health and wellbeing or education which you are only able to offer because you’ve spend years building up knowledge and experience in your field and are continuously updating with cutting edge industry information so that you can offer the best service to your clients. When you’ve  spent years and years gaining the appropriate education and qualifications so you can to offer these services to your potential clients. Do you really want to price your services at a level which will make you a comfortable living and yet still be financially in reach of the clients you want to service?

How to show your true value

It would be very uncomfortable for you if everything you wanted to create for your clients, their only question was ‘how much is it?’ Services offered only  on the basis of price compared to other similar services can end up being reduced in quality as there’s insufficient funds to invest in continuous improvement.

I’d like to help you address how you can show your true value, especially in a world where. some things are going down in price, for example today I heard an advertisement for a fixed price sales fees for houses. This almost makes the business of selling a house a commodity and usually prices of commodities are only influenced by supply and demand.

You can show your true value by being able to communicate social proof of Your ability to solve your client’s problems or help them move from one state to another is what they want.  For example case studies could describe how you

 helped a client to stop feeling pain through hypnotherapy or how you enabled a young executive with anxiety  due to a disorganised home how  to become  good at organising their home, meaning that instead of a sinking feeling knowing they are going in to chaos they feel full of joy as they walk through the front door as a result of your service.  What a difference that makes to your client’s life.

Tips For Value Communication

To really understand the value of your offer and be able to communicate the value  to those interested in purchasing from you is essential to being able to price your services at a level where you can make a living.   Here are my top tips.

  1. Imagine yourself inside the head of your client.  Ask for information on what they want, what they need, why they want something.  An entrepreneur who  wanted to be a successful business woman could find a  bookkeeping package  attractive because it will free up their time to concentrate on providing more services and selling more.
  2. Find out what they are trying to avoid. g.  If you wanted to avoid your phone not being answered when you are busy you could be interested in hiring a telephone answering service.
  3. Create social proof. e.g. testimonials from other clients.
  4. State clearly what the benefits are of using your product/service. This means state clearly what the promised outcome from this event

Peep Laja from conversional states ‘You have to present your value proposition as the first thing visitors see on your home page. The value proposition tells your ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from someone else. If all of this sounds very scientific, the nub of it is: Are you convincing in your explanation of why your offer is:  £995 or £1500 or £550?

Over to You 

Have you found that you are good at getting your value across?   I’d love you to share your experience in the comment box below.

Perhaps this is an area where you’d like some practice or more information.  Ask for a consultation.






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