How to use an editorial calendar?

You are in business and need to start using social media as you are keen to build our list or want to stay connected with current people in your groups and networking circles.

You really did mean to post every day this week, it’s just that there were 101 other things to do, and even though it was top of your list to spend time on social media, there was always something that got in the way, a phone call, an urgent job, a meeting, going out for a break, doesn’t matter, it’s now 5pm and probably too late to post.

Never mind the day’s finishing now, you’ll just spend a few minutes catching up on whose doing what and bang you’ve spent an hour catching up on the gossip and haven’t posted anything yourself.

Never mind tomorrow is another day.

How is it that some people can post on a regular basis, come rain or shine, that they always have something interesting to say and what’s more they even have pictures as part of their posts.


I too wondered this and when a year ago I was asked to run some workshops to help business owners set up social media I started to research the methodology of some of the most successful social media planners.

Here’s what I found.  Many people in the industry use a social media calendar.  It may go by different names:  social media planner, editorial calendar, post planner. Whatever the name I needed to find out more about this interesting tool and here’s what I found:


Create and store ideas

The editorial calendar is a place where you can create and store ideas for future posts, where you can store information on images you’re going to use and most importantly of all where you can plan out themes and topics that you are going to post about.  Once you have this handy tool you can if you fancy map out a whole year’s content in a single weekend – maybe you have better things to do with your weekend, (however think of the creative energy you could build up when creating numerous posts in one go).

Here’s a link to a calendar that you can use and try for yourself.

click here

Just add your email address and you can reach it reight away

Content calendar

You will see that there are different pages to the worksheet, one page for planning out themes of interest to your clients, another page for the actual calendar.   Once you populate this with your own information it will become your go to guide for inspiration.  Never again will you be stuck for what exactly you should be writing in a blog post.


Like all good plans, you can set a course and analyse and evaluate the results and work on improving it as time goes on.






Do you already use an editorial calendar?

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