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How would you like to get an Online Presence that reflects YOUR business?

Do you want to have more visitors coming to your website?

Do you wish for more contact with people that WILL become your clients?

If you are an Offline Person Why Online Marketing?

If you prefer to meet people face to face – it still helps to have an Online Presence.  The Online Presence magnifies the excellent work you do using your natural charm and magnetism to cultivate the people needed for your business success.


You will be able to email in a way to bring results, have a way of collecting email addresses from potential clients, make improvements to your website to attract more visitors, be using social media in a way to meet your business goals.


You are invited to join me for a full month where you can take practical actions to:

Examine You and Your business -Taking a new perspective so you can

Communicate so your clients really GET what you do

Set up or make improvements to your Online Presence with practical help on

Website streamlining so it works for your client group

Email marketing – so you reach inboxes directly

Creating and connecting a Free download to grow your business community

Module #1 Get Going

This part shows you how to make yourself and your business at the heart of your Online Presence – especially if you are a real live speaking person.  At the end of it you will be clearer on which platform will work best for you to reach your ideal client.

Module #2 Writing for Online

In this section you won’t learn things you’ll never use, but instead sessions will be geared towards getting you to write material that you can really use to create your story and use it to your advantage online now

Module 3 # Frameworks

What happens behind the scenes can sometimes seem overly complex.  In this module you are going to get really comfortable with doing that stuff that helps to deliver new business to your inbox.  Don’t worry it will be achievable and at the end of it you will have a mailing list and an introduction offer online.

Module #4 Websites that work

Learning should be fun and achievable.  In this module you will check out your website and make sure that it is working for you.  If you want a blog this can now be part of your site.  This is an important module and will get you in good shape for reaching further with your communications.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive Online Presence training course.

  • You and your business - creating for your purpose
  • You and communicating to your client
  • Creating the message that speaks to your client
  • Deciding on the best Online media for you
  • Using social media – so it is part of your plan.
  • A streamlined website that works for you – your clients can easily know how you help them
  • Writing a blog – to build your credibility and help build your audience
  • Email marketing – so you can maintain one to one relationships
  • Connecting it all together

Before I started Launchpad Online I was aware of many things I needed to do but not sure on how to do them all.  It was a very informative and helpful programme that increases your skill set in the online world. The biggest part I got out of it was building my contact base.  The results I achieved were that I launched my lead magnet successfully.

Elaine Atherton
Elaine Atherton 2SummitUp

I was overwhelmed as to where to even begin.  Launchpad Online gave me very practical step by step guidance to literally get online.  Exactly what it says.  I got out of it clarity on where I am with my business.  This took away the fear and panic.  It showed me how to start small and be ok with that.  Creating a lead magnet was my favourite part.  I now feel very realistic about my next steps.

Jacqui Maguire
Jacqui Maguire Jacqueline Maguire

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Training broadcasts on building your Online Presence – with all the information you need to be functioning and communicating through Online Media

Facebook Group for mutual support so you have access at any time to answers to your questions

Q and A sessions where you can ask questions on anything you want to test out or are stuck on – i.e. you can speak to a real person.

Downloadable worksheets – so you have a reference to help you create the resources you need              e:            t. 07988 616 704