Specialist help for when you work for yourself

at a stage in your business when you just want more clients

When you are  working for yourself at a stage in your business when  it seems like there’s so many plates to spin just to be able to communicate with your potential clients, but no big button telling you which is most important.

You’re aware that you need to supplement your offline communications with some Online marketing foundations, like a website that works for you, social media profiles working so you can post and respond, a free trial that you can offer through website download, blogs to write, email marketing.  Getting these working for you seems a bit overwhelming.

You just want to earn income

If you’re like most people I work with, you are excited about your business, keen to grow so that you are filling places and workshops and earning the income you want, but right now it’s a bit daunting.  Time is in short supply and which foundation is the most important.

It's time to stop the trial and error

You have had a go, but it feels more like trial and error than a clear, logical plan to bring in clients.

You know you have to do some marketing,  otherwise that fast growth you’re dreaming of is going to stall before you.But you want to know more about exactly what you should be doing, you want a guiding hand to discuss things with, rather than having to learn and experiment alone. Arrgh!

If only clients could understand your Value?

You’ve done OK offline, you’ve dabbled with online, but nothing is clicking yet – you’re just not getting enough leads to get consistent clients through the door. (And when you do, you’re not sure your potential clients really understand the value you are offering.)

There is no one-size fits all approach, but there definitely is a solution to your platform paralysis. 

Launchpad is my proven system for getting clients the success they want in their business.

Imagine that this is your business


  • You have a growing list of warm leads who want to hear about your services
  • Potential clients have no doubt about the value you are offering (and see working with you as an investment)
  • You feel confident that you have a lead-generating system that really works for you (which means you can ignore all the other marketing noise out there - phew)
  • You know the answer to the question “Where do I find my ideal clients?”, which means you can say goodbye to the scattergun approach
  • You are turning your online social media contacts into sales
  • You know you are on the right track to grow your business

If you are ready to cut through all the confusion, stop spinning plates that drop and get on a roll to keep things moving towards your goal of business success, then I would like to introduce you to my LAUNCHPAD system.

Working through my signature LAUNCHPAD system, we will:

  • Get clear on where you are - what’s working and what’s not
  • Set goals - so your actions are always on purpose (goodbye scattergun)
  • Uncover your strengths so we can utilise them to make marketing easier - and you more productive
  • Come up with ways to clearly demonstrate the value you deliver to clients
  • Develop a work cycle that will mean you have a queue of people who are interested in your service.
  • Create a personalised business development plan
  • Put in place systems that give you more control of time and resources spent on business development
  • Create a social media marketing plan
  • Keep you focused on what’s important (no more dropping plates because you don’t know what to do next. )


What you get


  • An initial analysis of where you are now - so you are clear on your strengths, gaps and priorities.
  • Goal setting for the programme - so you are committed to achieving success from the programme.
  •  3 months’ support through Online calls and accountability calls, so you don’t have to travel and so you grow in confidence in your marketing.
  • Access to learning materials personalised to you, so you can refer to information any time in a convenient way.
  • Launchpad  so you can re-focus and keep on track for building your online foundations.


VIP option  - a half day personal consultation in London,  or Liverpool.

Learning materials

Not everyone starts from the same place and any knowledge barriers to moving forward will be plugged with tailored learning materials so you master any learning required, such as a guide to social media.



Working together through my signature system, not only gives you a tried and test business development framework, it also gives you regular support and accountability so that you stay focused and you’re never left with unanswered questions - which means you’re always moving forward and doing the tasks that will drive traffic to your business and getting you the clients you’re looking for.

Through working together you will gain:

  • Motivation to achieve your goals.
  • Inspiration to move forward with your marketing.
  • A reduction in stress through having a marketing strategy that works and you feel confident will bring you more sales

January 2019 Offers

Silver Launchpad

3 month Marketing Project

For when you need personal support to help you get started on your marketing done or to get completion on a project.  This includes – use of my signature launchpad system to ensure you get results whether you are a beginner or at a later stage in your business

Month 1

This programme starts with Strategy and goal setting – London or Liverpool.  This is so that you can get really clear on the outcomes you want, and make some decisions on strategy options.

The strategy is followed by:

  • 3 Online coaching sessions for one to one support to help you plan and set up the project
  • Learning materials as required

Month 2

  • Review- London or Liverpool - This is so that you can reflect on what is going well and what you may find challenging so that your strategy can be adjusted if necessary.
  • 3 Online coaching sessions one to one support to guide you through making the project happen

Month 3

  • Weekly email accountability support to ensure that your plan is a reality.
  • End of session review



Payment options

 Rising Star Launchpad

3-months marketing actions for results – from your home or work

For those who want to get a marketing result in the fastest possible time.

Includes: Strategy and goal setting with the framework of Launchpad  so you have a definite outcome from the programe.  Times can be arranged to fit your lifestyle.

Month 1

  • 2 Online Strategy sessions
  • 2 x 30-minute coaching sessions

Month 2

  • 1 Review session
  • 3 x 30-minute coaching sessions

Month 3

  • 4 weekly email accountability/q and a’s


Payment options

Launchpad Star Vision


This can be used to explore and set up a work plan/new client approach/new service development/building on-line foundations.

You will meet for a personal one to one session and can choose London or Liverpool This includes:

  • Strategy Session
  • 4 weekly email accountability/q and a’s

VIP   London or Liverpool     £240


Launchpad Vision

Strategy  From your home or work

Set up and get accountability to complete a project e.g. Create a Free give-away, set up newsletters, start email marketing. Blog planning.


  • 90- minute Online session to set up your plan of work
  • One month of email support and access to learning materials if required

Strategy Online £120

For existing clients

Monthly maintenance

From £80


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