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Hawk Publications achieves 20% growth target

They are a magazine and printing company based in Cheshire, producing 4 local magazines.

They distribute 40,000 around Warrington, Runcorn and Widnes and a full print and design service.


In order to achieve goals and get to where business wanted to go to they needed some support.

Phil Lamb director of Hawk Publications said, ‘There was some fantastic funding available which means that the value for money we got from our coaching was fantastic. Gill was perfect in our industry.  She had worked in newspapers and we are in magazines.’

Jody, Director Hawk Publications, ‘Early on in the programme we identified the vital few and realized we needed to work to our individual strengths.  I took responsibility for sales and people, Phil took responsibility for finance and operations.

Phil, ‘Over the course of the year financially speaking our turnover improved by just over 20% with a greatly improved profit margin in addition to that.  With regards to the people in our business our staff doubled in size.  In addition we have formed a number of partnerships with freelancers and outsourced agencies. The GrowthAccelerator programme was well worth participating in and our investment has been

Phil, ‘The value for money was absolutely fantastic.  In addition to the one coaching there were workshops, a series of workshops which were really well presented and definitely worthwhile going.  In return we’d had an investment which was far more than we paid so a great decision for us. ‘

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