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Getting your thoughts in order will help you make decisions and take the actions you need to reach that goal of product launch or new clients.

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There are a number of things to consider when launching a new product/service or starting to work with a new client group.  Take steps to be sure of your success.

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    I’m so glad I booked the call with Gill

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    I feel much clearer on what to do next

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    Having a clear focus has helped me to start attracting clients

The client attraction process

Getting to know exactly what your client wants is the starting point.  Drafting up the words so that you can explain exactly how what you are offering can help them is part of the art of marketing.

You may need some platforms and tools to help you communicate your offer.  Do you find that you stick with the familiar and are a little reticent to try out something different.

The idea of most marketing is to put you in a position to be able to have 'conversations' with clients

I specialise in helping you to get to this stage.

You are the starting point

I work with clients using my proven system  based on Launchpad which takes into accout:

Client goals, client strengths and personality, the online and offline foundations you are already working with, creation of the message and a strategy for reaching your goals.

  • Individual focus

    Everyone is different and though working with me I help you find the exact way of working that is right for you.

  • Accountability

    Though One to One work you will be absolutely accountable for ‘getting things done’

  • Overcome obstacles

    When working on a new project you can hit obstacles, it may be time, mindset or knowledge.  Working with me will help you overcome these.

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