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Website updates

Social Media



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Decision on target audience
Decision on buying stage
Decision on format/media
Outline of content
Completion of content
Design and images
Upload to website
Create postcards/flyers
Prepare blog to introduce
Social media posts



Blog and news for websites


Blog post outline



Blog post outline



Blog post writing



Blog post editing



Picture sourcing



Upload and format on WordPress



Create social media image for blog



Post blog on social media











Main objective



Headlines and outline









Picture sourcing



Upload and format on WordPress



Create social media image for blog



Post blog on social media









Social media


Create social media messages



Describe target audience



Set up weekly schedule



Create posts for weekly schedule



Source and create images



Schedule posts











Webinar Assistance


Copy for registration page



Design for registration page



Copy for Thank You page



Design for Thank You page



Facebook posts



Preparation of webinar platform



Hook up to email service



Emails pre-webinar



Post webinar emails



Chat assistance during webinar



Presentation or slides



List building offer


Copy for landing page



Landing page design



FREE Offer design – guide, report, tip sheet etc.



Copy for Thank you page



Design of Thank you page



Copy and design of sign up form



Copy and design for confirmation page



Copy on Upsell page (with video)



Design on upsell page (with video)



Video script



Integration forms to Mailchimp



Follow up email sequence



Copy and design of alternate sales page (not in funnel)



FB posts/ads campaign











Online Course Development



Cover page for workbook



Inner page for workbook -text



Inner page for workbook - image



Back call to action page for workbook



Google slides/ppt presentations



Animation of presentations



Worksheet templates



Uploading of content to course area



Hook up e course to mail chimp



Styling of the course dashboard area



Images for course sections or modules



Video editing for presentations



How many revisions



Updates in one month










Business Cards




Decide colours




Decide logo




Decide Fonts




Confirm Contact information




Approve Name style




Approve Strapline




Approve Information for the reverse side




Client emailing x 3




Up to 3 revisions



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