Mia and What you think is what you get.

Only a year ago, Mia took the leap and opened up her own store.  It was a modest shop on a busy street in Liverpool, offering health and wellness products.  Mia loved to see people happy; she believed wellness was a key to it.  Her shop was carefully arranged with handpicked, well researched products.  The day Mia opened up was one of the happiest days in her life.  She was ready to help people and grow her business.  At first business was great, but it was short lasting.  After a few months, business was dismal.  Lack of sales was one thing, but not helping people was beginning to really hurt Mia.   To make matters worse, shoppers  often questioned Mia’s every move.  “How are you different than Health Foods  or Holland and Barret? ” “How do you know which products are best for me?” ” which sleep promoting    product is best for me?”. Eventually, Mia began to question herself, soon, the questioning turned to self criticism.

Now, it was an absolutely beautiful day in  Liverpool, endless blue sky, gentle warming sunshine, and crisp air.  Despite nature’s gift, Mia was oblivious to the day’s beauty as she walked to work.  Thoughts ran rampant through her head; problem after problem continued to torment her mind.  Lost in a world full of problems, Mia was not in the present.  With every problem thought, Mia travelled deeper and deeper into an abyss of darkness.  For several weeks, these negative thoughts continued.  She was encapsulated with feelings of despair; Everything in life  seemed like an issue.  New customers, let alone happy customers seemed worlds away.  Mia felt so far from her dream of improving people’s lives.

A few days later, when nearly all hope was lost, Mia came across a most interesting idea as she browsed her favourite blogs.  It was simple enough, “what you think, is what you get”.  At first, Mia didn’t think much of the idea, but the thought grew on her.  She thought about her own life.  For years, she had dreamt of opening a store, during which time she thought of nothing, but opening the shop.  Getting it up and running was the absolute focus.  Now, reflecting on these times, Mia realized that opening the shop was her end goal.  In other words, when the store was opened she would realize her purpose and passion of providing wellness.  In reality, opening was just a step along a long path.  A truth that was all too clear to her now.  Mia began to think about the time from opening to now.  She thought of all the times customers provided negative feedback.  In every instance, Mia took the feedback as a personal failure.  Overtime, she became filled with failure.  The failures increasingly weighed on her mind until she only thought about the reasons she was doomed to fail.  Life became a bit clearer to Mia in that moment.  She felt a wave of serenity pass through her, as if it was the first day of spring after a long winter.  Mia proved to herself, “what you think, is what you get”.  With her newfound sense of liberty, Mia set out to refocus her mind.  Quickly, she grabbed a notebook and jotted down her desires.

notebook and pink pencil among daisies

notebook and pink pencil among daisies

She paused to notice that this was the most energetic she felt since opening the shop.  Soon there was a long list of desires in front of her.  Mia picked the three she felt most important: more value to customers, more customers, open a second shop.  She began to think about these desires all the time; even writing them down three times a day.  While at first, nothing seemed to change; she felt invigorated.

One day, after not too long, a man came into the shop.  He sensed Mia’s passion.  Mia expressed to him that she wanted to better match products to customers, offer better products, and expand to serve more people.  At one point in the conversation, the man expressed to Mia that he worked for a telemedicine company.  The conversation ended, Before leaving he provided Mia with his card.  That evening Mia thought to herself about the enjoyable conversation.  She considered that her newfound focus might be starting to payoff.  She went to sleep feeling content and excited for work the next day.  A few nights later, unable to sleep, Mia lay thinking.  Suddenly, it all clicked.  She knew how to achieve her goals.  The next day she called the man and excitedly told him of her idea, “what if we offer telemedicine in my store to keep track of wellness levels and make product recommendations?”

The idea was a major hit, within six months she operated two stores both with booming business.  Mia was most happy because customers constantly told her how much they appreciated the service and its positive effect on their lives.

Before long, Mia reflected on opening her first store, the miserable year that followed, and how she got to her current state of success. She knew it was time to get out the notebook and set her new pursuits.


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