Motivate yourself to make money and achieve goals. Re-solutions

Is the bar at the right height?

So its January, time for resolutions. Re- solving the problems you faced last year with a new interest and motivation.  You’re working away at the plans you made last year and need to keep the momentum going.  Are they going well? Are the results as planned?  Do you think you’ve set the bar at the right height? This is obviously for you to judge, congratulate yourself and keep moving forward or analyse how to make things different.

Humans want better alternatives

It’s human nature to keep seeking better alternatives to the status quo. We’re inquisitive by nature and evolution comes from always wanting better. Do you want more for less:  More profit for the same input? More money for the same time investment?  What changes achieve this?

Economy spins with finance

With more money in your cash-flow – you leverage the return quicker. Imagine taking out a lease on premises and hiring staff to contribute more of the thing you do so well.  Imagine a new piece of machinery or software producing twice as much as last year with no extra staff.  Imagine a mentor making you accountable for the route you’ve planned or even working with you on the plan.   Are any of these you?Yes, finance keeps the economy spinning and you’re either thinking of the results of using more money now than you make or making more money faster.   For the former, with a proven product or service, an order book of customers/clients ready to buy: outside funding could bring quicker results.  A little planning, making contact with the right resources and you’ll be away.

Perhaps you don’t want to convince others of your investment potential

If showing an advance order book and convincing others of your investment potential isn’t your bag but you agree that making money is a necessary part of being in business and its your job to keep it coming in, it’s your job to get more orders from existing clients, new clients or both.  Time to dust off the testimonials, get some new ones, build some exciting offers and keep talking with the right people.  Result –  they come to you and buy because they know exactly what problems you will solve for them.  Simple….


Big Hairy Goals

Your plans from last year more than likely had goals attached. A big hairy goal as it’s known feels burdensome if you aren’t reaching it.   Doing a high jump with the bar set to high makes for sore shins.  Be compassionate with yourself.  Make sure your goals are achievable.  I’ve experienced times when I’ve set a goal and then later realised it wasn’t achievable within the time set e.g. getting video onto the website.  It seemed simple at the time but required many inputs of knowledge, time and skill to actually complete.  Sometimes it’s not possible to complete everything you set because there is insufficient knowledge, or time available. This is the time to review your goal and put into place achievable steps and get the right resources.   i.e. if the salami is too thick, slice it thinner and then you can eat the smaller slices.  If the knife’s not cutting it, sharpen it.  ­­ If at the other end of the scale, you achieved your goals easily, you could review whether you could be doing so much better.  Review if it’s time to set up more of a challenge otherwise it’s just not interesting and your potential is wasted.


Keeping the momentum going to achieve the goals.

If you’re driving a car and don’t fill up with enough petrol to finish the journey, there can be anxious moments if there’s a long gap between petrol stations or you’re on an unknown hilly road with no idea where the next petrol station is. Nerves deplete energy and make for irritability.  If you’re training for a fitness goal and stop the routine for a week, catching up takes an enormous amount of energy.    If this is you and you still have faith in your plans, motivation is the fuel that keeps the plans alive.  What’s motivation?  Without motivation the journey ahead is dull and lifeless.   Add interest with milestones along the route and celebrate the milestones. Remind yourself why you do what you do.


Over to you

So you’re either thinking about the next stage of your business or if you are the business; You’re looking at the resources you need to achieve your goals, evaluating your goals or motivating yourself to keep going on the plans you’ve already made.

What are your plans for 2016?


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