Move On From Procrastination

Have you come to a standstill on your marketing?


Have you ever felt that tomorrow is the day you will do your marketing?

Today you decide – is a day for going through everything you’ve learned, sorting and tidying your work, or even worse doing the washing.


That could be a good idea……. but it could be hiding procrastination!!


How many times have you put something off till tomorrow, and then tomorrow there’s something else that is URGENT?



You should post something in one of those Online groups you’ve joined

or even just pop back in and listen to what everyone’s talking about, speak to a client or get something out there.

The problem is that you are a little unclear on exactly what you will post, and everyone else seems to be outputting and you are languishing, thinking that you will do it.


Do something about it

Unless there’s some other blockage, the only way to stop procrastination is to DO something about it.

Yesterday we started Launchpad Online  and those who joined are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You may have seen that I’m starting an Online Marketing Course.   The first session was yesterday.


The Online Marketing Course is for 6 weeks and is practical help on:

  • Knowing Exactly where you are in your business
  • Find exactly the kind of language to use so your clients understand how you can help them
  • Getting clear on creating Lead Magnets to attract your ideal clients
  • Streamline your website so visitors know what to find, where
  • Keep people interested with emails and newsletters
  • Work out your Social Media platforms for making an impact.

Information here

Message me if you want to know more or email:


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