Too Much Inspiration Can Stop Blogs Getting Written

Too many ideas

Your head’s buzzing and you’re ready to write

You sit down and start penning the blog you’ve been meaning to write for the last couple of weeks. Just as you start writing, another blog idea flashes into your mind.

Wow, this is inspiration you think, I have so many ideas.   The sudden flowing of several ideas into your head all in the space of a few minutes makes you feel like a gifted songwriter who can pen a bestselling hit in a few minutes.

You have two or possibly several strands of thoughts flashing around in your brain.

Which should you focus on for your blog? Is it possible to write them all at once?

This happened to a client of mine. We were working on a blog as part of building her online foundations. Each time she started writing her blog, elements of another blog appeared in her head, interfering with the thinking process.

Separating out the thoughts was starting to become complicated, she felt it was going to be difficult to finish the blog.

This my friends is normal, your genius has different sides; it can tell you that what you’re going to write is brilliant, or it could tell you no-one will be interested in what you’re going to write or it could alarm you into worrying that writing a blog about a client type means you aren’t communicating to another client type.  Sometimes your genius allows fleeting ideas to wash around your head, staying there un-acted upon, until something more pressing allows them to gently fade into the background.  What a waste! I’d hate your ideas to stay in your head and not to be shared. Keeping blog ideas in your head and not getting them written is a barrier to getting your message out to those lovely people who want to hear what you have to say. What to do about it?  Stay focused on getting one idea written and completed. This can be easier said than done.

I’m going to share with you some helpful tips for getting your blog back on track again.

  •        When you have several ideas at once, rapidly write the ideas down in a list of topics you intend to cover in your future blogs.   Pick one of them to work on now and park the rest.    You can always write unused ideas later the same day, next week or another month.
  •         When you’ve chosen THE blog, you are writing now- immediately write down your outline/headings so that you have a structure to work with.
  •       If you find that your writing is still producing material for future blogs you want to write, cut the excess copy, and paste into a file called ‘copy for future blogs’
  •        Set a time limit on finishing the blog you want to write – it’s amazing how having a definite ending time focuses the mind.

Writing a regular blog is one of the pillars of communicating to clients and potential clients.  Being able to separate out your thoughts so that the blog is meaningful is important to your success. I’ve outlined some specific ways to manage when it’s difficult to focus because you have too many ideas.

Do you recognise yourself in any of this?  Do you sometimes find that you have two or more ideas buzzing round in your head, no blog to show after the time allocated to write it has passed? If you would like to know more about attracting paying clients through writing a blog register for my FREE Online seminar: Attracting Paying Clients to Your Business Through a Blog on Monday March 6th at 7pm.

Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • How to come up with a ream of topics that your potential clients want to read. Once you know what you are writing about the writing becomes easier.
  • How to give your blog maximum reach. Steps you can take to make sure that your post is distributed widely.
  • The 5 key elements of a blog so you have a structure to work with

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If you have been consistent in getting your blog written please do share your experience in the comment box below.


  • Linda Anderson

    February 17, 2017

    I do so recognise myself in this blog, Gillian – it sometimes seems impossible to pull out just one nugget of information to share with people because as experts in our field, we know how many other nuggets it’s connected to and depends on :-).

    I love your idea of cutting and pasting ‘extra’ copy into a Word document for use in future blogs. And yes, setting a time limit definitely helps – I have been known to spend hours ‘tweaking’ a perfectly adequate blog!

  • admin

    February 22, 2017

    Linda you are absolutely right about this. The more knowledge we gain, we see the wider picture and want to include everything.

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