Why you need to check your sign-up box

When you have a website, one of the things that will help you to increase your number of customers/clients is to have some form of sign up on the home- page.  The sign up may be for a Free Trial, a Newsletter or for a Download of a report you’ve written.


When it’s for a download of a report you’ve prepared, you are bound to check it works because you will have put so much effort into creating the report.  There is a danger when the sign up is not for something you’ve just created that you may not check it.

Imagine if there were 20 people who had signed up to your newsletter and that 5 of those were potential new clients, you’d lose the opportunity to send them personal emails and get to know them as potential clients if you  didn’t know that they’d signed.  This means you’ve lost the opportunity to send them personal emails.


This can happen.  Often there’s such a buzz around accepting a new website, there’s so much effort involved in checking the wording of the website that checking sign up boxes and phone numbers can be forgotten.

I strongly recommend that you regularly check sign up/opt-in boxes on your website. Things can happen to make the boxes not work, such as routine wordpress updates etc.  The reality is that even if it’s working this month it could have a fault next month.

This is how to test your opt-in box

  • Sign up yourself to your opt-in using a different email and check the other end of the funnel to check that you have a new person on the list.
  • Ask a friend of colleague to sign up so that you can check it.


What if you don’t know where the sign-up data goes to?

It’s likely that the sign up will be to your email list handler such as mail chimp.

If this isn’t the case, go back to your web developer and ask them where the sign up is going to. It may be going straight to your email in-box.


This is how to check your opt-in box


Step 1

Work out where the sign-up box is on your website.  It will be either a widget on the site or an opt-in box on one of the pages.

Step 2

Find the list url and copy and paste it into the edit section of the sign-up box on your website.  In Mail Chimp this will be seen on the lists/sign-up page.  Copy the url and paste it into the edit part of the sign-up box.



Check your sign-up boxes

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