The Online Attraction Cycle

When you are working in a business that’s driven by a love of what you are doing, attracting potential new clients into your field on a regular basis can seem sometimes to get in the way of the REAL work you do. In addition, you are thinking about what you should post on social media, perhaps how to plan your customer journey and yet you have recognised that it’s essential to have new people to talk to so that you have a stream of new clients who could be interested in working with you in the future.

  • Here’s a tip on how to do this
    Define who your ideal client is – just one client. This person can be modelled on someone you are already working with. Think about what you already know about her so that you can relate to her in the post, whether she prefers Facebook or emails, whether she reads blogs or video. Create something especially for that person.
  • If you know they watch video and you like video it can be a Facebook Live video. Imagine you’re having a cup of coffee with her and you are able to answer just one of her questions.
  • Post your material on: your blog, your social media posts.
    Keep an ear out of other questions that are asked by this ideal client and keep posting. Add a link at the end of your posts so that people can sign up to an offer or your newsletter list and that way your list will keep growing.

You are now starting an online client attraction cycle.

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