How to Organise Your Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

You join Facebook groups because they’re important to you. Move your favourites to the top.

How many of you have joined a Facebook group and then not done anything with it?   I’m one of those people, I join groups because:  they are part of a lifestyle change I’m making, they are part of learning I’m doing, they give support, I’m curious.

This year it’s my mission to be organised

So I’ve finally worked out how to organise the groups and I want to share it.

The random way to keep up is by watching notifications on Facebook, however you may have switched this type of notifications off as it can be pretty annoying to have new messages popping up in the middle of something you are working on.

Make the Facebook groups you want to participate in your favourites.

A more reliable method is to make the groups you want to participate in regularly your favourites and re-order the groups to suit you and your participation schedule. e.g. daily, weekly etc.  Result – when you go to Facebook you will see your favourite groups at the top of the list on your Facebook home.

It’s easy to organise your Facebook Groups

It’s easy to do this, although not easily apparent by looking how to do it, so I’ll explain it now.  I’m going to explain it from a lap top, it may be slightly different from a tablet or iPad.

  1. Go your Facebook personal profile and click on the home tab (just to the right of the profile)

Now you will see in front of you the home feed with a list of feeds and possibly a list of groups to the left.

Look to the right of the home feed and you will see the following headings: I wonder if you’ve ever noticed all these headings.

  • Favourites
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Apps
  • Friends
  • Developer
  • Interest
  • Apps
  • Events


  1. Take your cursor to the Groups heading and look at the right for the ‘more’.

Hover over ‘more’ and it will bring up a display of all the groups you have joined.

  1. click on the ‘settings’ icon to the right of the group and click add to favourites from the drop down menu
  • Edit notification settings
  • Leave Group
  • Add to favourites

arrange your favourites in the order that you want to see them. The goal for you is to get any group that you want to actively participate in for example daily or weekly into the favourites.


  1. To re-arrange the order of favourite groups, click on the ‘settings’ icon which appears when you hover over the group name and click ‘rearrange’ You can now hover over the ‘move cross’ and move your chosen group to the top of the list if you want to.


Now you can have groups you want to participate in daily at the top of the feed.  Happy group participation and never again will you forget to participate in a group that’s important to you.


What’s your motivation for joining Facebook Groups?  Please share in the box below.


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