A Brief Guide to Revitalising your Email List

How to use increase response to your offers and invitations

Your guide to making your

emailing list more responsive

Don't let your list waste opportunities

  • 1

    Get more responses because those on your list will have a greater interest in what you are saying

  • 2

    Recognise the true numbers for your list size. This mean you can be more realistic with your expectations

  • 3

    Re-engage those who could be interested but have just failed to take action

p.s. . If you haven’t done anything about GDPR yet you may want to warm up your list first.

Are you fed up of having that feeling that you are sending out emails to people who just have no interest in what you are sending them?

When your emails aren’t opened   these people are not finding out about your great offers,  they are just not benefiting from the great value you provide.


Is it a problem?


Well it could be – because it’s distorting your numbers.  It’s distorting your ratios.

Imagine if you could predict that more than 20% of your emails were going to be opened.